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    Sup, My name is Aaron and I hail from California. I am a GW Guru patron and recently I have been having some problems, the biggest one being my computers CPU hitting 100% capacity with just GW running while its a DC 2.7 Pentium 4. This immediately brought me to the conclusion that it was malware and so embarked on a crusade to rid my computer of it. Norton, being my primary firewall, AV and AS, couldn't detect anything even while running in safe mode. This was very frustrating because it meant I now had to search for a suitable solution on the internet. Right after Norton had failed to do what it was meant to do I remembered a certain Guru mod who would help people often in the tech part of the forum and that he always gave people links to an anti-malware toolkit. Luckily I remembered the name of the webiste. Soon after downloading the anti-malware I installed many of the programs beginning with malwarebytes. It immediaty detected a virus and sent it to digital oblivion. Soon after, I downloaded the anti-spyware tools and found a number of threats, one being whitesmoke which I have heard of many times and I apprently had 13 of them :'( . Thats what I get for downloading torrents and using norton. In all I had about 50 threats that were detected and stomped out. Now my pc runs like the day I bought it. +10 internet points to Tarun and his team for this awesome tookit.
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