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  1. Hey everyone, Wanted to give an update. My wife and I just bought a house and moved in last week. I've had a lot to do in regards to us buying a house - paperwork, emails, phone calls, you get the idea. Once things have settled there will be more posts coming soon.
  2. We're supposed to have a new modem on the way. I'm curious to see if our speeds improve beyond what they are now which is higher than my last picture.
  3. @greenknight Those were not phishing emails. They were legitimate security alerts. I'll DM you about it.
  4. The Lunarsoft frontpage software has been updated to 5.7.
  5. A maintenance update was automatically applied, bringing us to 5.6.2
  6. The release on February 10, 2021 has resolved this issue.
  7. Anti-Malware Toolkit 2.0.3 has been released! 2.0.3 - 2021-02-10 [New] Graphic added to the status bar dependent on installed Windows OS. [New] Improved OS detection for Windows 10 versions, such as 20H2. [Changed] Switched to the newly built in Microsoft JSON. [Changed] Numerous code optimizations to Treeview and DownloadManager.
  8. Hope everyone has a very safe and happy holiday season!
  9. The Lunarsoft frontpage software has been updated to 5.6.
  10. Announced on November 7, 2020 - aka N7 Day - Coming Spring 2021!
  11. A minor bug has been identified and will be patched with the next release. Issue: AMT reports Windows 10 20H2 as 2009. A new key was introduced to format it as 20H2 and detection for this will be added in the next release.
  12. The Windows 10 October 2020 Update has started to become available to customers as a free update. This year has continued to bring about change for many of us. Change in how we connect to one another, how we work, how we learn, even how we have fun. And that change is starting to feel more permanent, especially with kids going back to school adapting to remote learning and connection with their teachers and classmates or workplaces shifting to hybrid environments. Throughout all of this, the PC has become the essential device to keep us connected across our lives; it’s become our office, o
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