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  1. An update was applied to 5.4. Clear your cache if you have any issues.
  2. The COVID-19 pandemic is a very unfortunate thing to be happening to all of us worldwide. Many have now been told to work from home, or simply quarantined. This may be for two weeks or even longer, the duration is unclear at this time. Working from home means using your tech to accomplish all kinds of tasks remotely, even meetings and conferences. If something was to go wrong and all non-essential stores are closed because of COVID-19, you may not be able to get your computer or devices fixed. This is a reminder that - as always - Lunarsoft offers completely free tech support, and most of the work can be done remotely too! Software level items are much easier to diagnose, though a hardware level issue isn't quite as simple though may still be possible. Do not hesitate to ask for help or assistance. These forums are monitored often daily. Should anyone need any help, ask! The Lunarsoft Wiki has numerous helpful articles and is always ready to be expanded to help further. Thank you all for reading this, and please stay safe! Tarun
  3. While Windows 7 support has ended, and it's rather expensive if you want to pay to keep Windows up to date, there is a better option that's still free. You can still upgrade to Windows 10, completely free. You simply need the Media Creation Tool or Windows 10 Upgrade Helper. Both utilities can be found on this page. Your best course of action is to make a proper backup, then wipe your drive and install Windows 10 using your Windows 7 key.
  4. Microsoft will continue to issue updates for Windows Defender on Windows 7. That's really good news for those few that really don't want to take the free update to Windows 10, or are unable to due to hardware limitations. Nice thing is that Windows Defender is one of the top rated anti-virus products out there.
  5. @Vulcan219 This should now be resolved with the release of Anti-Malware Toolkit 2!
  6. @phk1 Download the new update - version 2 and these problems should be gone!
  7. Version 2 has been released! Changes: [New] https support added. [New] Support for modern security standards. [New] OS detection for Windows 8.1, 10. [New] Json support added. [New] Standardized menu icons added. [New] New menu items for faster access to common areas. [New] Settings now accessible through Edit menu. [New] About now accessible through Help menu. [New] Numerous optimizations of code. [New] User agent to identify Anti-Malware Toolkit. [New] Skipping partially downloaded file will delete the partial download. [Changed] Improved OS detection. [Changed] Using .NET Framework 4.8, up from .NET 2.0. [Changed] All links now use https. [Changed] GUI improvements and changes. [Changed] UAC now only prompts when necessary. [Changed] Save location is now in Settings. [Changed] Proxy settings now in its own tab, code refactored. [Changed] Settings now save to the proper location in AppData. [Removed] XML support removed. [Removed] Unnecessary tabs removed from main UI. [Removed] Support for x86/32-bit OS’ removed. [Removed] Windows Vista and lower no longer supported. Read about it on the frontpage and download the new version! Also a warning, as Windows Vista and lower, along with x86 are not supported - use at your own risk!
  8. Hi @phk1 and welcome to the Lunarsoft Forums! This looks like a similar issue about the Anti-Malware Toolkit, so I've moved it to that forum. Apologies if that was a mistake. Please see the linked post below for an explanation regarding this issue.
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