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  1. Updates with these fixes are now available on Windows Update. KB4468550 - Intel audio: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4468550 KB4468304 - HP devices: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4468304
  2. Tarun

    Lunarsoft Forums upgraded to 4.3

    Patch 4.3.6 has been applied.
  3. Tarun

    My Rig :P

    That's a nice build!
  4. Tarun

    Lunarsoft Frontpage 4.9.x

    4.9.8 has automatically been installed.
  5. Tarun

    Duplicate emails

    If you wish to keep using Windows Live Mail, here's a guide. Though I know it is dated (needs updates, patches, etc), I would recommend trying Thunderbird again or looking into another email client. If you're on Windows 10 there is the built in Mail client. Thunderbird will also auto configure settings for Gmail for you, along with other services.
  6. Tarun

    Duplicate emails

    It sounds like it does. Not really a surprise when it comes to Comcast. Have you considered a Gmail account? Even if it's to test and see if it works in a similar nature with your email client?
  7. Tarun

    Duplicate emails

    This point of reference, which means that this is not normal IMAP behaviour. Those emails should be deleted/moved to trash and auto deleted within a set period of time. It is correct that with IMAP emails you receive are also stored on the email server. When you delete an email it gets deleted from both the client and server (moved to Trash and deleted within x days). Even per the Wikipedia article about IMAP https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Message_Access_Protocol If I do a test email via Outlook 2016, then delete it in Outlook, the message is moved to the Trash bin in Outlook and on the server, which later is automatically deleted. I've not had any IMAP issues with Outlook 2016 or Thunderbird. This includes IMAP for Lunarsoft, Gmail, and Hotmail accounts.
  8. Tarun

    Duplicate emails

    That's very odd that they have IMAP work in such a way. Sorry you had those issues. Perhaps it's time for a Gmail account?
  9. Tarun

    Duplicate emails

    As I mentioned in my previous post, IMAP is the preferred protocol. I've used it for years and I prefer it too. With POP, you download emails with a new/unread header, which can lead to duplicates. With IMAP, it synchronizes with the server. Say Gmail for example. If I delete an email in Outlook, it will also delete it from the Gmail server. This is me being overly cautious with data: While I have never used Comcast's email services extensively as I prefer Gmail, I would recommend that you back up all of your emails that you downloaded via POP. The reason for this is that in case Comcast only kept emails on their servers for a limited time in the past, you wouldn't want to lose those emails. However, if that is not a concern, then I would delete all the emails in the client for a clean slate, followed by letting them all redownload via IMAP. This will help to get rid of duplicates and any other potential issues. Additionally, I'd recommend using Thunderbird as Windows Live Mail is very dated. There is a Mail program built into Windows 10 that you can use, or use Thunderbird there too.
  10. Tarun

    Is Auslogics Disk Defrag a fraud?

    Unfortunately it's hard to say for sure what it's deleting and where, unless it produces log files. If you like, just use the Windows 7 built in defrag. 🙂
  11. Tarun

    Duplicate emails

    Are you using POP or IMAP with Comcast? IMAP is the preferred mail protocol to use.
  12. Tarun

    Is Auslogics Disk Defrag a fraud?

    Which OS are you running this on? There are so many things that run and generate files in the background, it's hard to narrow down. I will say that I've stopped using third party defrag utilities and am just using the built in WIndows defrag. Since Windows 7 it's been sufficient. Windows 10 it's great, it handles SSDs wonderfully.
  13. Tarun

    Lunarsoft Forums upgraded to 4.3

    Patch 4.3.5 has been applied.
  14. Tarun

    Manifest and other files

    I'd allow Windows 10's built in defrag to handle it. SoftwareDistribution is where your Windows Updates are downloaded to. Best tips I can give you right now, off the top of my head... Start > Type "Disk Cleanup" > Right click and Run as Administrator > then clean up everything found there. You can remove the old Windows install/upgrades (including the bi-annual updates/Spring/Fall/April) Set it and forget it. Let Windows built in defrag do it's thing. It works wonders, even on a SSD. Don't run CCleaner. In fact, uninstall it. It does more harm than good. If none of those help, honestly I'd reinstall. I opted in to the upgrade, then formatted and reinstalled after I did the upgrade. The clean install worked very well. Though this was years ago. Also, I'm running on an SSD which makes a lot of it super fast.
  15. Tarun

    Lunarsoft Frontpage 4.9.x

    4.9.7 has automatically been applied.