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Status Updates posted by Tarun

  1. Windows 10 2004 has been stable so far! Only seen one minor bug.

    1. Tarun


      Issue has been fixed.

  2. The next release of the forums (4.5) will introduce a native app to support mobile devices officially.

  3. Frontpage has been converted but I'm still working on adding and fine tuning things.

  4. Really enjoying IPS 4.x. Next release will be full of improvements. Have to work on the wiki a bit more as well as fine tuning the frontpage.

  5. Successfully updated the forums to the latest version.

  6. Preparing for the next version of the forum software.

  7. Been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to Lunarsoft.

  8. Updated the forums and making use of the tag system more.

  9. Gaming is the best way to relax.

  10. Frontpage upgraded. Has a few minor bugs but loads super fast. :)

  11. Looking into upgrading the frontpage software next.

  12. It almost feels like the wiki crash was a good thing.

  13. Been looking at the IP.Board 3.2 preview and really love how it looks and performs.

  14. Hope to see some donations come in soon.

    1. FastEddie57


      So how are the donations coming along?

    2. Tarun


      Sent you a PM with the info. We also have the indicator below. :)

  15. Doing more work to the website.

  16. Running Windows 7 SP1 now. :)

  17. Looking forward to Windows 7 SP1.

  18. Happy new year! 2011 is here but so is the work. Hopefully a bit less now. I just set up something nifty to make news posts automatically post to Facebook and Twitter. :)

  19. Very backed up on work. Have so much to do and not enough time or help to get all the things done that need to be done.

  20. At long last. My new computer arrives Saturday.

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    2. Tarun


      Intel Core i7 980X (3.33GHz, 12MB L2 cache, 6 cores), ATI HD 5970 2GB, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 24" HD monitor, 1.5TB HDD (16MB cache), Soundblaster X-Fi Titanium.

      This is a huge upgrade for me. Old rig: http://www.xfire.com/profile/tarunnightfyre/

    3. Tarun


      It got here earlier today, and am already on it. It's amazing what a difference it makes.

    4. James_A


      Wow. Big upgrade from a P4. Enjoy!

  21. I think people are a bit shy about giving reputation out to good posts. :P

  22. Really liking how they improved the reputation system in 3.1, even letting you see who gave you rep. :)

  23. 3.1.1 is up, lookin good.

  24. Getting Lunarsoft out there a bit more. Facebook, Twitter, even Steam. Have more updating to do though.

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