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  1. Forums updated to 4.1.14 which includes PHP7 support.
  2. Welcome to Lunarsoft Warren! Simply run Windows Update and it will detect and automatically install all the necessary updates you need.
  3. I've just turned mine off since I first installed Windows 10. Apparently the Anniversary Update broke it anyways. Start > type Cortana > click the Gear > Turn off - that's how it was done before. There's also this from HowToGeek.
  4. Now that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update has been sent out what are everyone's thoughts? How did the overall process go? How long did it take? Have you encountered any issues, and if so, what issues?
  5. An urgent security update has been applied, we are now on 3.6.2.
  6. Have you tried to let Windows Update do it? Alternatively you can make a bootable DVD/USB. You'll need the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft to create a bootable USB or get an ISO to burn to a DVD.
  7. I've been using Windows 10 since the 27th of June with no real issues. There's also an Anniversary update coming August 2.
  8. Hey @Sniper, pretty nice speeds you've got! Hope you've been well. Here's mine after I upgraded to a new router last year.
  9. Hi Eddie. Yes, the offer is 100% legit. If you do want to do the upgrade, you may wish to make backups of your valuable data. For me, the upgrade process was very smooth. I did however write down my key (Edit: Turns out you don't even need your key once you upgrade. Just format and skip both key prompts), format and reinstall right after I did the upgrade. It should look something like this:
  10. Episode 1 now FREE! Life is Strange is an award-winning and critically acclaimed episodic adventure game that allows the player to rewind time and affect the past, present and future. http://store.steampowered.com/app/319630/
  11. I've stayed with Windows 10 and thus far I've not encountered any major issues at all. I believe that the clean install did help out significantly.
  12. There have been several updates all throughout Lunarsoft over the past month. From the Frontpage, to the Forums, the Wiki, and even the server itself. This resolves several issues and helps ensure we can give quality content while keeping the site free from advertisements and secure for both members and guests alike. The following changes are: Frontpage Software updated to the latest version. All extensions and the language pack are up-to-date. Security plugin to prevent brute force attempts is in use. Frontpage rendering has been optimized and compressed. Frontpage works with Mobile devices. Theme is undergoing polish and optimizations. Forums Forums are running the latest version, including important security fixes. ReCAPTCHA NoCaptcha is in use for registrations. An .htaccess file is in use that I have put together is on the IPS Marketplace. It allows faster page loads and better scores on GTMetrix, Google PageSpeed, and YSlow. The Facebook Like Box has been removed due to no longer being updated by the developer. Forums work well with Mobile devices. Wiki Wiki updated to the latest version which is a Long-Term Support version. Using ReCaptcha NoCaptcha because Asirra was discontinued on October 6, 2014. Bad Behavior plugin is no longer in use due to problems caused writing to the database. Wiki rendering has been optimized and compressed. Working on adding more articles and updating content more, join us and help out! Server-wide Main server software has been updated. Software used such as PHP and MySQL have been updated. MySQL databases have been optimized. Old, unused tables have been removed. An optimized .htaccess is used on each subdomain to allow all pages to render faster. This means content is better cached and served efficiently. Working on further updates to allow a SSL certificate to allow secure logins and browsing all throughout Lunarsoft. If you'd like to see this, please donate to help in getting the site-wide SSL certificates! Thank you to all who have donated to Lunarsoft! Your support and donations help to keep this website completely free of advertisements. No advertisements on the website means less confusion for users in distress. This can help users fixing their computers to find the information and get the assistance they need with ease. If you would like to help please see the Lunarsoft Donation page. Every bit helps!
  13. I've actually been hoping to get Let's Encrypt running here site wide. Problem is a few more upgrades are necessary (Apache and certbot install) and until that happens the most I can do is prepare.
  14. The Bad Behavior plugin has been removed due to problems that would cause pages to stall. Reason behind this was that it was trying to write to the database and was unsuccessful in doing so. This increased the load time of the entire wiki. All other plugins are up-to-date.
  15. All extensions are up to date, including the language pack.
  16. They did improve, though their best product is still SymNRT.
  17. Thanks for the links. Interesting to see it's not fairing as well as some people made it sound. I'm going to look into what others recommend so I can update the wiki accordingly.
  18. Do you have a link to that? I took a look at the comparatives not long ago and Sophos wasn't doing too bad either. It was about on par with avast.
  19. The Lunarsoft Frontpage CMS software has been updated to 3.6. If you encounter any issues please post so I can fix them. Be sure to clear your cache, also.
  20. Speaking of AV software in relation to this article and the one where avast bought AVG (See here:) . It would seem avast is no longer as good as it used to be which is really sad. Sophos is now one that I often see recommended. While I have not used it myself, I would like to test it when I get the time.
  21. I agree. Norton has been really bad but it has improved over the past few years. I haven't run an anti-virus for maybe 10+ years.
  22. A security patch has been applied, bringing us to
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