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  1. The Lunarsoft Wiki has been updated to the newest LTS, 1.27.
  2. You are exactly right. It's rather similar to how Windows 7 and up had options to remove old hotfixes, etc.
  3. It's probably because if you did an upgrade the Windows 7 data is there for 30 days. I went from 10240 to 10586 on my clean install and I have a Windows.old folder that has WIndows 10240 in it. Auto deletes after 30 days though which is nice. Both folders for me weigh in around 30GB.
  4. Went ahead and upgraded Monday. I backed things up, did the upgrade, then formatting and did a clean install. So far so good. Really liking how fast it is.
  5. I'm currently running Antergos on a computer that used to run WIndows ME, from 2000.
  6. Limbo is free right now if you don't have it. http://store.steampowered.com/app/48000/
  7. The forum database has had old/redundant tables removed. In all, roughly 30 tables were purged. This will reduce the size of the database to keep performance here optimal.
  8. We have been patched up to The database has also been converted to support utf8mb4.
  9. Software that helps run Lunarsoft - things such as PHP, MySQL, the very OS itself, etc. - have been upgraded. If any error appears please let me know what page it occurred on, the error, the link, and provide a screenshot.
  10. The more issues I hear with Facebook the more I despise it. If you link someone to a picture on imgur, you have to wait to send your message until Facebook gets the thumbnail there. It's annoying.
  11. Almost a year later, interesting to look back and see what has changed. Dungeons are alive reward wise, though there's no team/fixes. LS3 is about to come out. LS2 was free if you were playing when they released each chapter. If you missed it they sell it in the gem store. Skins are still mostly gem store, especially gliders. PvP has events every so often that get you a colored icon by your name... Rather meaningless since they reset them every month or so.
  12. The wiki has been patched to the latest version.
  13. I'm thinking I'll try it out and see how it goes. I have tried it on the laptop I have and it did run really fast. And this is an older laptop. Booted faster, everything performed faster and it was really good. My concerns were more with what all they want to monitor.
  14. Agreed. I wish we had better control of apps auto-starting. From what I've seen, most things want root to change that sort of setting.
  15. I agree @JMac and I've been trying. Things have been rough the past year for sure. Hopefully I can get this place back up and running, plus get AMT2 going.
  16. This makes me glad I uninstalled the Facebook apps from my phone. It also makes me believe this is the reason why those apps (Facebook app and Facebook's Messenger app) would automatically start so often after using Greenify to stop them from running.
  17. I'm rather surprised to hear that MySpace is even still around, or that it gets enough attention to be hacked.
  18. I'd be interested to hear what all contributed to that decision.
  19. While I have not yet taken the free upgrade to Windows 10, I've been considering it lately. It'd be interesting to see who has upgraded.
  20. 1ms response time? Wow, that looks good to me. 4K support too. I truthfully wouldn't know where to start. Things have been busy at my house for the past year pretty much.
  21. Good to hear from you @JMac! Looks good to me. How much is this going to run you? Have you tried out PCPartPicker?
  22. Security patch has been applied to the forums.
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