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  1. Haha, so you had two plus the one I gave you eh?
  2. Adding lots more to the site, making a post soon. ^^
  3. I admit I had a feeling it was for Outlook since you had recently been talking about it, though I felt it would be best to be sure than to take a guess which could be a risk. ;)
  4. I wasn't too sure because there are so many applications now that have export features. From Msn Messenger, to well... ...you name it.
  5. What are you exporting your address book from?
  6. It will overwrite it. The Mess.Be patch is definitely recommended, as you can remove a ton of junk from Msn.
  7. Old one: I definitely like the new ones better.
  8. Menu blog on the left after you click Blog.
  9. Yep, but MrG does nothing to his forums. Only a few things he changed and that was simple in itself.
  10. This can go, it's not even really needed and Adobe products (Photoshop) work fine without it. O4 - Startup: Adobe Gamma Loader.lnk = C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Calibration\Adobe Gamma Loader.exe
  11. Welcome aboard! Computer issues stop here. Enjoy your stay! :)
  12. My bud Jay has WoW and I let him see this. He found it quite "awesome". I bet there will be a patch soon.
  13. Sure did. I'll test the problem here too. Tested. Saving it became unchecked when you preview. You have to recheck to save it and it works just fine. :D
  14. Oh snap, I could get in trouble for my comment. /hide behind CaPMan
  15. For a six? I take it that's like being knocked for a loop?
  16. Must have turned him into a dumb blonde. O.o
  17. Been working on updating it lately.
  18. Tarun

    Registry Fixers

    Since RegClean was abandoned you can get the last version at MajorGeeks.com
  19. Nice, made the frontpage. Moved to Tech News since it belongs here.
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