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  1. I voted "Maybe".

    So far we, the wishy-washy, are in the lead.

    To expand on my answer, let me add "if I wasn't broke". Hope you can attract some members who actually have money!

    Anyone who knows me knows I feel extremely guilty just having to ask/talk about things such as this. So, in return I'm trying to see what people would like. Hopefully I've given some nice starting ideas in the above post. :D

    Updated just a little. Feel free to suggest ideas.

  2. Shareaza is a peer-to-peer client for Windows that allows you to download any file-type found on several popular P2P networks. Shareaza is FREE & contains NO Spyware or third-party products.

    The 2.2 release comes with major updates/fixes/improvements for the program and the networks it supports.



  3. Firefox 1.5 Beta 1 is now available for download. This is the first Beta release of the next generation Firefox browser, to be released later this year, and it is being made available to the developer and testing community for compatibility testing and to solicit feedback.

    Note: This is not the final release of the Web browser, it has been made available for testing purposes only, with no end-user support. If that sounds scary, you'd probably be better off with the latest version of Firefox 1.0.

    Download: Firefox 1.5 Beta 1 (Windows)

  4. Thanks Tarun, they are annoying and time consuming.

    I had selected show full menu's at home years ago, but it was in work today that they were irritating me, and I couldn't, for my life, remember what to do.

    I actually just opened Word real fast. Should be the same globally for the Office Suite.

  5. When you have an Office 2000 program such as Excel open and you click File, Edit, View etc, you don't get the full list drop down, just the most recently used options, with a little arrow at the bottom that you click to see all the options.

    How do I change it so that all the options are on display straight away?

    Tools > Customize (You may need to click on those annoying double arrows) > under the Options tab apply a checkmark to "Always show full menus".

  6. Since these forums can offer subscription services I considered asking what people may like and for what prices. This is still in the brainstorming point, though.

    Basically, rewards and stuff for supporting/donating to the site.

      Things I've thought of were things like:
    • Upgraded access to a new group. (Supporters)
    • More attachment space. (5MB, might make it 10MB)
    • Possible V.I.P. style forum.

    I'd like to hear ideas and such. I want to keep this site 100% free to all, but offer nice things to those who donate certain amounts. If you're wondering why I'm starting this about money; well... college did just start, so tuition and books, supplies and things of that nature sure don't come cheap. <_<

    Feel free to post people. Offer ideas and suggestions. Who knows, your idea may make it into the list!

    If you donate, please Private Message Me with your e-mail address (I may ask other information as verification) so that I can add you to the Subscribers Group.

  7. Do you know others who are interested in trying out Windows OneCare? We are now at the point where we would like to expand our group of beta testers. We encourage you to extend Windows OneCare beta invitations to your friends and family. Just have them go to http://beta.microsoft.com/, sign in with their Microsoft® Passport Network credentials, type in OneCare (case sensitive) when prompted for the guest ID, and follow the instructions from there.

      Basically do this:
    1. Go to http://beta.microsoft.com
    2. Enter the GuestID of OneCare
    3. Wait for an email. :D
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