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  1. The list has been updated on the wiki. Dead links removed and every link checked/updated. Even changes to https have been done. If you have software you're interested in that's free, post or add it to the wiki!
  2. The next big update coming to Windows 10 will be called the Creative Update. The codename it's referred to in addition to the Creative Update is Redstone 2. There's also a changelog of known and discovered updates in the Insider builds, which you can view on ChangeWindows. Some interesting features coming: Built-in support for USB Audio 2.0 For Pro, Enterprise and Education, the range for Active Hours has been enlarged to 18 hours, up from 12 On devices with more than 3.5 GB memory, service hosts will be split into individual processes When one process fails, it will no longer take down the whole service host Task Manager will give a better overview of what Windows is doing in these background processes It will be easier to troubleshoot which process is causing issues for both IT pros and Microsoft Process will now all have their own individual permissions, improving security Installing Bash on Ubuntu on Windows will now install version 16.04 instead of 14.04 The Registry Editor now has an address bar Interestingly enough, that page does not yet list "Blue Light" (a placeholder name), which sounds a lot like f.lux. I previously posted some news detailing this and some other new features coming.
  3. Hello! Please feel free to ask any questions or chime in on any subjects!
  4. Expected to debut March 2017.
  5. Plus, if you've seen Battle of Gods then you'll know of Vegeta's famous dance. If you enjoyed that dance, you're in luck.
  6. Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 was released on Steam on October 27th. Though they had a few hiccups with the launch, such as Goku Black not showing up for some who preordered, the game has been quite good. It's a great improvement over the first.
  7. This has been implemented.
  8. All of Lunarsoft is now using SSL. Logins, posts, wiki entries, everything. All information between you and the server is encrypted thanks to Let's Encrypt. I've also announced this on the frontpage.
  9. I used to use Office 2007 for my Office suite software, though with Windows 10 I got Office 2016 and very much like it. I feel as though both Outlook and Word have greatly improved. This made me wonder, what software does everyone use for their Office suite?
  10. Updated to 4.1.16. A lot of changes happened with this release. Key Changes In addition to many small bug fixes, this release includes: Large number of bugs fixed in focus areas: Commerce, Pages databases, and IPS Connect Performance improvements in: profile view, sitemap generator, posting replies, and Activity Streams We now try to more reliably detect the AWS S3 endpoint for those using S3 file storage More efficient license key checking to keep the keys from being checked too often which can slow your site down There is now a column in tasks view to show the last time it ran to help diagnostics When a member changes their email or password they now get an email confirmation If group promotion based on date is enable the system will now auto-promote even if a member does not login There is now a setting to change the number of topics per page in the forum view If you move your site to a new URL you no longer have to update a constant if using the image proxy You can now press ctrl/cmd+enter in any editor window to submit the reply In Commerce ticket view there are keyboard shortcuts to perform common actions (such as press 'r' to open reply box or 'n' for note) There is now logic to prevent double-posting when the initial post encounters an error on submit Moderators can now remove all followers from an item Contact Us is now configurable with various options Announcements can now be restricted by member group Admins now have a setting to have members automatically follow content they start or reply to. Members can optionally override this. The editor will now show a message if a link that can be embedded (image, video, etc.) failed to embed for some reason. Admins get more detailed error reasons. If your datastore (cache system) is not working properly the AdminCP will now show you a warning telling you that it needs attention. When a member is banned/suspended the system now shows a more friendly page with information on their ban. Previously it showed a permission denied page. Redesigned ticket listing in Commerce New My History view in Commerce Security Questions for account security Please view the 4.1.16 announcement for full details and screenshots. Additional Information Information for developers: REST API now outputs ratings on items REST API now supports retrieving a purchase associated with a specific license key REST API now has a new authentication method for servers that do not support proper headers Editor Forms can now specify a maximum length Security Questions can be extended to third party applications to restrict access to a specific area until a question has been answered hooks.json will now be written automatically when adjusting hooks in the developer center The Node form helper now has an autoPopulate option to allow for developers to control whether children nodes automatically populate The "Contact Us" form is now extendable to 3rd party applications, to route messages sent via that form to a specific location Various inconsistencies between Comments and Reviews have been fixed MySQL ANSI_QUOTES is now enabled by default while IN_DEV \IPS\Http\Request classes now have a forceTls() method to force the request to use TLS 1.2 \IPS\DEBUG_TEMPLATES can now be used outside of IN_DEV You can now use curly braces in templates without them parsing as PHP by escaping them (ex: \{\{some text here\}\}) ipsForm_collapseTablet CSS class added to make horizontal forms turn vertical when viewing view a tablet CodeMirror has been updated to 5.19
  11. Jurassic World 2 is said to be darker than the Empire Strikes Back, according to this article. June 22, 2018 is when we'll be able to see this sequel.
  12. Might as well mention that over a year and a half ago I upgraded from: A dead ATI HD 5970 2GB -> Nvidia GTX 760 OC 2GB 525W PSU -> 850W Corsair PSU
  13. I recently came across a very interesting article talking about a new type of credit card being issued in France. The card's security code (three digits on the back) randomize, much like an authenticator does. Looks like it would be very useful and give a better sense of security to many.
  14. For some time I was a strong advocate for Adblock Plus. The recent information about how they'll be setting the stage for better advertising seemed a bit strange to me. The story was about how Adblock Plus now sells ads. There's nothing really wrong with Adblock Plus doing this, they still honor their "Allow unobtrusive advertising" option and from what I've read it will work with how they will be selling ads. Since the news of Adblock Plus selling ads, I've made the switch to uBlock Origin. I figured I'd give it a try. I liked how well Adblock Plus worked and that it just worked. It removed elements and hide them very well. I tried uBlock Origin last year and it had problems doing this. This time it seems to work a lot better. The comprehensive list choices are also very appealing. Not only can you pair it with favorites like EasyList and EasyPrivacy, you can make use of other lists like ones by Disconnect. The overall performance is said to be better than that of Adblock Plus. Though I do question the testing samples ever since Firefox 41 fixed a bug that would affect Adblock Plus performance. So far though, I am liking and learning uBlock Origin. Let's hear what you think!
  15. https://testpilot.firefox.com Install the Test Pilot addon and you can get access to cool new features in development. One of the interesting ones they have as of this post is Min Vid. It allows you to pop out a YouTube video (or some others) and have it on top of your browser. Really cool feature if you like listening to music on YouTube and want to easily repeat a song.
  16. Frontpage has been converted but I'm still working on adding and fine tuning things.

  17. This movie will be seen in the states. Very limited locations though.
  18. An important security patch, has been applied.
  19. The Lunarsoft frontpage has been updated for security fixes.
  20. Tests were showing that the new frontpage would be about 100KB larger yet still deliver content quickly. Turns out the end results were not that different at all. About 25KB larger. Far better than I expected.
  21. First I’d like to say welcome to the all new frontpage on Lunarsoft! I think you’ll find that this frontpage software will work a lot better. This has been in development behind the scenes for some time now. It seems like it’s been years since I made the change to the previous software. While it feels that way, it’s actually been almost nine years. Multiple days have gone into finding the right look, making the proper optimizations, and making sure things load fast! Because who wants to wait for a page to load? I sure don’t. You may notice the load times have improved even though the page is a bit larger. The page will load faster and make fewer requests. The frontpage is live now and the same content that you viewed before will still be available, too! I’ll still be working behind the scenes to optimize things more. You shouldn’t feel alarmed if you see the page looking broken. If you encounter any issues please let me know. Providing a screenshot, link, and your browser information will help a lot. Just hop onto the forums and make a post. A new frontpage means more work is coming You read that right. I’ll be working more on getting everything optimized as best I can. The downloads are back though I don’t think they’re as great as they were before. As a result of the change I have not added the other downloads back. I will look into doing this in the future. I will say that because of this change I will have a lot more work to do here on Lunarsoft. Most of it will be involving getting new images and checking over the old content. Due to this my responses may be delayed. I sincerely hope that everyone truly enjoys the new frontpage software here on Lunarsoft!
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