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    Tarun got a reaction from unclebobee in Lunarsoft Forums updated to 4.1   
    The Lunarsoft Forums have been updated to the latest version, 4.1.0. Please remember to clear your cache. If you encounter any issues please let me know.
    All of the update notes can be found here.
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    Tarun reacted to greenknight in Windows 10 free upgrade   
    No doubt that was the problem. Another reason to do a clean install, if you don't have lots of extra HD space. I just did some research and found out you can remove those recovery files with the Disk Cleanup utility, just select clean up system files. You lose the option to roll back then, of course.
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    Tarun reacted to JMac in New Computer Advice/Comments.   
    Thanks for the comment Tarun regarding the potential monitor i am planning to purchase.
    Trying to Future-Proof the system the best i can at this present moment in time
    Might need to try and re-build the community here Tarun...
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    Tarun got a reaction from greenknight in Firefox 64-bit launch?   
    It looks like Firefox 64-bit may have launched to the stable channels. I was poking around earlier when I saw 42.0 b1 x64 had landed. I checked for a stable build and when I added 64 after win, I got a successful download.
    It sure looks like a stable build, is this official? I hope so!
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    Tarun got a reaction from greenknight in Lunarsoft Forums updated to 4.0.7   
    A change was made behind the scenes that has further optimized the forums. Scores and page load times have improved.

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    Tarun got a reaction from doobleshaft in Microsoft will allow free upgrade to Windows 10 (formerly 9)   
    There's lots of talking going around about the free upgrade. I'd like to get myself Windows 8 just to try it and be able to get the free upgrade to Windows 10.
    Why is it now Windows 10 instead of 9? Because of third party programmers using the wrong code.

    Quote source: http://www.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/2hwlrk/new_windows_version_will_be_called_windows_10/ckwq83x
    A huge offender is Java, just take a look at https://searchcode.com/?q=if%28version%2Cstartswith%28%22windows+9%22%29
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    Tarun reacted to greenknight in removing meteoroids   
    I found a few sites (a couple of them reputable) that have removal instructions for "Meteoroids", an adware that hooks itself into web browsers - perhaps that's what you have? It appears that you can remove it with AdwCleaner: http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/adwcleaner.html
    (I've used it myself, good program).<edit> see 2 posts down for details
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    Tarun got a reaction from greenknight in Venturing into the land of Linux   
    Over the past few days I've been messing with my home server and trying different Linux distros.

    I've gone from:
    Ubuntu > Xubuntu > Arch (trying to set it up but realizing I'm not ready for it yet) > Xubuntu > Manjaro

    So far, Manjaro XFCE has been to my liking. Fewer issues and things have been much easier to set up on that old machine. Just a shame the hardware is so old. P4 3.4GHz, 3GB RAM, and recently had to downgrade the PSU and graphics card (128MB card because the one before - a 512MB - had the fan go bad and make a lot of noise despite trying to fix it) in order to have a working, silent server PC once more.
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    Tarun got a reaction from highclimber in A new creep has joined the ranks...   
    Welcome to Lunarsoft.
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    Tarun got a reaction from sandip in Become an Affiliate with Lunarsoft!   
    When submitting your linking information, please provide the following:
    Button image link. These can be either 88x33 or 80x15, though 88x33 is preferred.
    Your URL.
    Image title text.


    Lunarsoft | Quality Tech Support Under the Moon

    You can refer to our to have a choice of buttons to use on your page. All you have to do is pick which one you like and add it to your website!

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    Tarun reacted to phoenixx1965 in Hi from Germany   
    Thanks a lot, and hopefully I'm not gonna be here just for the toolkit. When I get help, I will help others in return as far as my knowledge goes :)
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    Tarun got a reaction from Eldmannen in Need a Wireless Router   
    I swear by the Linksys WRT54GL and putting Tomato firmware on it.
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    Tarun got a reaction from Eldmannen in Lunarsoft is against SOPA and PIPA   
    Thread cleaned.

    Stay on topic, this is a topic about SOPA/PIPA. No country is perfect. If all the countries in the world were perfect, we'd have world peace, no one would be starving and many other common world issues would not exist. It is not the fault of one country or another. That said, I will reinforce what I have already said. This is about SOPA and PIPA, something that will hurt all of the Internet. I suggest everyone takes the time to learn about it and help stop it now.

    If there is some sort of problem on the forums - or any such post that violates our rules - use the Report button and let the Lunarsoft Staff handle it.

    On a more positive note, the blackout did have a positive effect:

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    Tarun reacted to Swingline in Hello   

    My name is Aaron and I hail from California. I am a GW Guru patron and recently I have been having some problems, the biggest one being my computers CPU hitting 100% capacity with just GW running while its a DC 2.7 Pentium 4. This immediately brought me to the conclusion that it was malware and so embarked on a crusade to rid my computer of it. Norton, being my primary firewall, AV and AS, couldn't detect anything even while running in safe mode. This was very frustrating because it meant I now had to search for a suitable solution on the internet. Right after Norton had failed to do what it was meant to do I remembered a certain Guru mod who would help people often in the tech part of the forum and that he always gave people links to an anti-malware toolkit. Luckily I remembered the name of the webiste. Soon after downloading the anti-malware I installed many of the programs beginning with malwarebytes. It immediaty detected a virus and sent it to digital oblivion. Soon after, I downloaded the anti-spyware tools and found a number of threats, one being whitesmoke which I have heard of many times and I apprently had 13 of them :'( . Thats what I get for downloading torrents and using norton. In all I had about 50 threats that were detected and stomped out. Now my pc runs like the day I bought it.

    +10 internet points to Tarun and his team for this awesome tookit.
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    Tarun reacted to James_A in JavaRa Info   
    The update for version 1.16 is simply a definitions update. No update to the base software.

    Regretably, they've made almost exactly the same mistake as was made in some previous updates (see my first post ) and this 16-12-11 update will also trash the Registry by removing some JavaScript entries.

    For this reason, the update is NOT recommended!

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    Tarun reacted to Eldmannen in December 2011   
    she has a hat?
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    Tarun reacted to Tripredacus in Google easter eggs   
    That was not as exciting as I thought it would be. Starfox is still better.
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    Tarun got a reaction from greenknight in Dennis Ritchie 1941-2011   
    Found on many sites about his death:

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    Tarun reacted to brokenpete in Brokenpete - log 01   
    Fantastic! Thanks for the help, everyone. Behaviour fixed, files cleared, so back to normal - and thank goodness for that!

    Tarun: I'll swap out AVG for MSE this afternoon. Thanks for the recommendation. As for toolbars, it's always a balance of risk vs convenience. Personally, the benefit from Lastpass' toolbar (and system) is worth it to me. And I'm using Easylist too - it's great.

    Big thank you everyone - I really appreciate it, and I've just made a small donation to show my gratitude.
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    Tarun got a reaction from Eldmannen in Adobe Flash Player 11 (_Final_) Released   
    Awesome. I hope Firefox finally gets an official 64 bit build out.
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    Tarun reacted to James_A in How to have Firefox show the http url prefix again   
    Also, if you don't like the previous change, made in Firefox 6, which was to have only the base domain in black and white and the rest of the URL in the address bar in a rather weedy pale grey, then you can modify browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled to false as well.

    So, setting browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled to false will put everything back to black and white
    and setting browser.urlbar.trimURLs to false will show http:// again, which is doubly useful because there is a bug with cutting and pasting URLs when it is missing. That bug is marked WONTFIX for Firefox 7.

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    Tarun got a reaction from Vivi in VB.NET Help, with MDI interface   
    I may still have the code. Keep in mind it was made for VB6, and if you're writing in .NET you may prefer C# a bit more.
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    Tarun got a reaction from Vulcan219 in Problems with Anti-Malware Toolkit and site downloads as well.   
    CCleaner breaks because we use the Slim build in AMT. That's because Slim has no browsers or toolbars bundled. Whenever they update they take weeks to get the Slim build out - which is very annoying. I may have to link to the standard build and include a warning with it, though I would prefer to keep it with the Slim build. I usppose it ultimiately comes down to if people want the Slim build without fear of toolbars and browsers (Chrome) or the Standard which can offer one or both of those, but have an up-to-date CCleaner.

    The Malwarebytes issue is fixed, thanks for bringing that issue to my attention.

    If you PM me with your username and email address used prior, I'll see if I can find your old account for you and get those issues sorted.

    The download links in the wiki have also been fixed.

    The forums are php based and we're using a StopForumSpam hook that so far has been working extremely well. Since we upgraded the forums there's been a huge drop in spam too.
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    Tarun reacted to Vulcan219 in Problems with Anti-Malware Toolkit and site downloads as well.   
    Okay recently the Anti-Malware Toolkit started this first problem a month or so ago, it stopped downloading the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Program, I had to use the link in the program when the Malwarebytes program was highlighted to go to the site and download it manually, I think it is due to they redid their site and the area the toolkit went to to download isn't there anymore, it has been either changed or moved.

    Also today the CCleaner isn't downloading right anymore, it downloads but the program is not working, I had to go to Priliform to get it as well. That may have been a corruption in the download but not sure, but wanted to let you guys know this issue and the other above, so you guys can get on it and fix it, so the toolkit will work as needed, because it is the best thing there is to get the programs needed for keeping infections out, I have been a longtime user and did have an account in the forums but seems the account somehow got dropped when going to new setup, but no big thing. I just recreated the account, and okay with that.

    Also the downloads from the main site seem to not be working right as well. and if you go to the wiki site to down load, you get an error 404 there as well. I know you guys are revamping things and the new look looks great, and hope things go smoothly when you are done. I just wanted you guys to know what issues I found and help out on things.

    Also are the forums in php or asp? I may have some scripts that run background security to help out with keeping spam down, other than what you have already, I have hosted and written some scripts for php for sites and forums in the past, and may have something to help you guys if you need it.

    You can either PM or Email me to let me know if you are interested in those scripts.

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    Tarun got a reaction from Eldmannen in StopForumSpam protection added to the forums   
    In order to help stop some of the spam registrations here on the forums I have just added and enabled a StopForumSpam hook. This hook will check registrations against the StopForumSpam database, checking key factors such as email addresses and IP addresses. If their IP or email is matched in the StopForumSpam database, this user is automatically banned and cannot use the forums.

    If you come across a spammer or even a potential spammer, please don't hesitate to hit the Report button so the Lunarsoft Team can look into it.

    Edit: Since installing this it's blocked eight spammers within three hours.
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