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  1. Tarun's post in software wont open .net framework initilization error was marked as the answer   
    To reinstall, just run the .NET installer. It's the easiest method.
  2. Tarun's post in malware bytes definitions was marked as the answer   
    Thanks for letting me know about this. This issue should now be resolved.
  3. Tarun's post in Whats going on with the Anti - Malware Toolkit now? was marked as the answer   
    @Vulcan219 This should now be resolved with the release of Anti-Malware Toolkit 2!
  4. Tarun's post in Problems with Anti-Malware Toolkit and site downloads as well. was marked as the answer   
    CCleaner breaks because we use the Slim build in AMT. That's because Slim has no browsers or toolbars bundled. Whenever they update they take weeks to get the Slim build out - which is very annoying. I may have to link to the standard build and include a warning with it, though I would prefer to keep it with the Slim build. I usppose it ultimiately comes down to if people want the Slim build without fear of toolbars and browsers (Chrome) or the Standard which can offer one or both of those, but have an up-to-date CCleaner.

    The Malwarebytes issue is fixed, thanks for bringing that issue to my attention.

    If you PM me with your username and email address used prior, I'll see if I can find your old account for you and get those issues sorted.

    The download links in the wiki have also been fixed.

    The forums are php based and we're using a StopForumSpam hook that so far has been working extremely well. Since we upgraded the forums there's been a huge drop in spam too.
  5. Tarun's post in Unable to open Anti-Malware Toolkit was marked as the answer   
    Hi PeterH, welcome to Lunarsoft. It was likely a one time issue since you're able to post here successfully. Simply re-open the Anti-Malware Toolkit and try again.
  6. Tarun's post in How was the Lunarsoft Anti-Malware Toolkit created? was marked as the answer   
    Check out https://wiki.lunarsoft.net/wiki/Anti-Malware_Toolkit
  7. Tarun's post in [Not-a-bug] Constant "AMT has encountered a problem and needs to close" errors was marked as the answer   
    I have been unable to reproduce this error, including testing on some Internet providers where the connection was not the best.

    Since you seem to be experiencing network delays, connection failures, download stalls, or some other transient internet download bottleneck/delay/pause/connection issues; I highly recommend you contact your ISP to get that issue resolved.

    This is not an AMT bug.
  8. Tarun's post in Anti Malware Toolkit! was marked as the answer   
    Welcome to Lunarsoft, klinger!
    If you're looking to download the Anti-Malware Toolkit; you can find links to download the Anti-Malware Toolkit in several locations.
    From the frontpage, click Downloads and then Anti-Malware Toolkit Through the Lunarsoft Wiki (it's also on the Wiki frontpage) in the article Anti-Malware Toolkit Links can also be found in the Anti-Malware Toolkit forum If you have already run the Anti-Malware Toolkit and downloaded programs, just check your Download location. This location is your desktop\Download by default.
  9. Tarun's post in [Not a bug] Problems when unable to connect to server was marked as the answer   
    The Anti-Malware Toolkit loads it's list data from the server. This functionality was chosen so that no matter what version of the program someone has, they would always have the most up-to-date lists. This functionality will not change and is not a bug.

    The error handling is being looked over.
  10. Tarun's post in [Cannot reproduce] 1.02.117 hangs on file 5 of 14 selected was marked as the answer   
    What program name is listed? Hanging is probably because it's unable to get a certain application.

    Edit: Ran a test by downloading the Professional package and no hangups here. It may be a routing issue between your computer and the download source. That is, downloading say, Spybot from their website to your computer. Somewhere along the line (or at the file host) there is an issue.

    I hope this helps! :)
  11. Tarun's post in Anti-Malware Toolkit 2.0.1 system requirements was marked as the answer   
    The Anti-Malware Toolkit works on the following versions of Windows: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. The Anti-Malware Toolkit may also work on Windows Vista and lower, though no support is available for legacy operating systems.
    Moved to the Anti-Malware Toolkit forum
  12. Tarun's post in Error with xml was marked as the answer   
    @phk1 Download the new update - version 2 and these problems should be gone!
  13. Tarun's post in Can you run Lunarsoft and Avast Anti-malware together was marked as the answer   
    To clarify, you're referring to the Anti-Malware Toolkit by Lunarsoft and Avast antivirus? If so, there is no conflict between the two. AMT is a program that helps you download programs that will help clean your computer.
  14. Tarun's post in Lots of questions about MSE/Windows Defender/Firewall for Windows 7-10 was marked as the answer   
    Microsoft will continue to issue updates for Windows Defender on Windows 7. That's really good news for those few that really don't want to take the free update to Windows 10, or are unable to due to hardware limitations.
    Nice thing is that Windows Defender is one of the top rated anti-virus products out there.
    Edit: It's now September 2020 and it's still the top rated anti-virus. As of the Windows 10 2004 update it's now called Microsoft Defender.
  15. Tarun's post in Considering changing or offering BleachBit instead of CCleaner was marked as the answer   
    This is no longer relevant. Using the built in Disk Cleanup utility works wonderfully.
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