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  1. Just an update, my sister did buy the Emachine and so far she's been happy with it and it meets her needs. She got a package including a monitor and printer. She had one frustrating moment, though, when she discovered that the printer driver was not compatible with Windows Vista (it took her a while to figure out why the printer wasn't working and unfortunately I live 600 miles away from her), and the genius salesperson at Best Buy hadn't told her to expect that although she'd been very clear to him that she had little computer knowledge and experience. Anyway, she got it straightened out and everything is fine. Thanks again for your help. :cake:
  2. Happy birthday, greenknight! :cake:
  3. Thanks, guys. I passed all of that on to her, and I think she's probably going to buy it.
  4. What are your opinions on e-machines, specifically the one listed below? My sister is thinking about buying one to replace her current computer, which is practically dead. She uses the computer infrequently and does so for function only, primarily for e-mail, documents, and occasional web browsing. No games or anything like that. For her purpose, is this machine a decent one? Thanks! emachines Intel® Celeron® D Processor 356 Computer with 17" CRT Monitor and HP Color Printer (16" viewable image size, .25 dot pitch). CRT. Windows Vista™ Home Basic, 512MB DDR2 memory, 120GB hard drive and DVD/CD-RD combo drive. UPGRADE: Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 631 Upgrade For Only $50 160GB hard drive, reads and writes dual-layer DVDs and CDs, ATI RADEON® Xpress 200 graphics and 15-in-1 media reader. This package is $450 (with the upgrade). Thanks!
  5. I've never seen those, but I'll take a look when I go to the gourmet market or the next Fancy Food Show. They have a lot of international foods, that's where I saw Spotted Dick. :cake:
  6. **** SKIPPY!!!! Also, goes great with beer and wine! w00t!! True, some dark beers and red wines are delicious with chocolate!
  7. Exactly! So what if I'm like this all day :cry:
  8. Whatever you'd like to be called is what I shall call you.
  9. Happy belated birthday, sickchik! :happybday:
  10. Nope, lol, but please stand by.....I have a snow day today so I have plenty of time.
  11. I didn't have a chance to do it yesterday but I will today. Lol, wish me luck, you know I'm incompetent. :happybday:
  12. I tried your suggestion, Tarun, and it seems to be working, but it also seems to be duplicating previously opened messages into my inbox. Ok, I think I'm going to try to install Thunderbird again. I shall return with any issues I encounter. :happybday:
  13. Thanks, I'll give that a try. I did try switching to Thunderbird at one point, but not all of my emails were imported and I meant to ask you about that but then forgot about it. Once I get this Outlook thing straightened out, I'll try Thunderbird again and then ask for your help with that. :happybday:
  14. I got this message on Outlook when trying to delete an email, also I realized that I haven't received incoming email. This just happened last night. So I went to the "help" menu and got instructions on how to use the inbox repair tool, and I am completely stumped as it's telling me to select a .pst or .ost file to scan and I have no clue about that. Can you help me, or do you need more information? Thanks!
  15. I found him like this. Doesn't he just look adorable when he's passed out drunk, er, I mean, when he's sleeping?
  16. Texas, I'm glad that things worked out to your advantage. Hope to see you soon! :happybday:
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