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  1. Officer, she told me she was 36!
  2. just jam some C4 in it and press the button, should fix it.
  3. more is not always better if its running at higher lats, remember lower latency is always! better.
  4. I play a lot of games, CS S is my fav, and i went from 1.6 to source, Great game no doubt, but i think the most addictive game out there is WoW, i refuse to play it, cuz it sucks away peoples will.
  5. Vehicle identification is the SF training class, that test sucked hard, took me a few times to pass it.
  6. Are you serious, everything about that game is easy, RUB IT IN YO FACE! :P
  7. Inu- Ya i dont know how you even play CS S with a that hunk-a-junk :cuddle:
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