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  1. Thanks for response. I gave it a shot using the utility in Admin A/C but no luck. I completed making preparations to wipe the HDD and reinstall the OS; gonna be busy for a while. Cheers.
  2. My OS: WinXP Pro SP3. Re: Microsoft Office 2003. Downloaded/installed Office 2003 and it is working perfectly in Administration Account but experiencing problems in Least-privileged User Account (LUA). Error messages (in LUA): "One of your object libaries (|) is missing or damaged. Please run Setup to install." ...and: "Could not register the Office object libary. Please run Setup." After the installer is going thru the installation and setup processes Office will open eventually. When closing Office and open it again, the installation and setup processes start again. I followed the instruction as per: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/296114 ...and have added "Everyone" to the 'Permission' list and selected 'Read'. But no luck. I uninstalled/re-installed Office 3 times but the problem persists. Before I am going to either repair or re-install the OS I wish to give Dial-a-fix a go and am seeking your advice as which box(es) to check. (Hate to make mistakes prior repairing the OS as I haven't done any preparations yet). TIA.
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