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  1. Simple Suggestion I use this tool all the time to download much of the software I carry on my usb stick. Would it be possible to have the download 1) check what the newest version of the software is 2) check to see if you have the newest version and 3) only download what your folder does not have, replacing the old version with the new version
  2. Wow.. still sending everyone to WUD! C't Offline updater is so much better! even autopatcher puts WUD to shame!
  3. Hey all.. new here... like the idea of the program, and I think it makes my work a lot easier. That said, here are a few suggestions from me: I will triple the request for ATF Cleaner (it does a better job than ccleaner still) PC Decrapifier (maybe it is time to release a general public version (for every day users) and a repair tech version so the knowledged can get a more admin like package) Glary Utilities - COMODO Registry Cleaner - better registry cleaner than CCleaners Revo Uninstaller - cleans the registry as you delete software Avast Cleaner - no the antivirus, the stand alone cleaner an anti-rootkit: panda, sophos or rootkit revealer SmitFraudFix
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