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  1. I have Steam AVA ARMA 2 BBC 2 Borderlands GTR EVO Race 07 Retro Expansion ( Race 07 ) Red Orchestra Darkest Hour Mare Nostrum Seriuos Sam 1 TF 2 but won't load Wings Of Prey Most of my time is on WOP and GTR Evolution. Really like AVA and Red Orchestra. After reading the forums at TF 2, looks like you really need a premium account if you want to go anywhere
  2. I have it. Trying to get used to the controls, robot is irritating, game is not saving.
  3. Hi I am new here, but not to Dial-A-Fix. My wife actually was the person who told me about this product while on one of her extended surfing adventures a few years back. I remember downloading and using it, but when we upgraded to new computers I lost it. Now I have found it again. I like the small size and ease of use. So far no problems to report. Thanks
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