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  1. x86 is a processor architecture, and x64 is a misnomer. There is no x64 architecture, however there is 64-bit x86 architecture. So when you see x64, think x86-64.
  2. Jago

    Silent Hill

    ****** SPOILER CHAT ******
  3. MirandaIM - low memory usage, doesn't take a lot of space, and can look completely dull if I so desire to make it!
  4. Well the information was on digg.com and Slashdot, so I seriously doubt that after huge amounts of requests, that Microsoft would keep shipping the USB drives.
  5. Jago

    Silent Hill

    It was pretty **** good. I've never played the video games, but it didn't matter. The protagonist Rose employs your sympathy quickly, after her mental case of a daughter gets lost in Silent Hill. *** SPOILER *** Were they dead at the end? Or perhaps still stuck in Silent Hill? Because Rose and her daughter were in the grey area, whereas her husband, who should have been right in front of them, was in an area of natural colour.
  6. Jago

    Dream Theater

    By saying 'they are not very well known' - then you're including every human capable of listening to them - and trust me, they're not all music connoisseurs. If you exclude the ignorant masses, they're about as popular as it gets. Oh, if you get all "OMG James Labrie is a God," don't bother with his solo album, it sucked. OSI and Liquid Tension Experiment are more or less side projects of Dream Theater, and they're both pretty good. If you want some help exploring the genre, try Symphony X (albums: The Divine Wings of Tragedy, V: The New Mythology Suite, The Oddysey), Ayreon, Fates Warning, Magnitude Nine, Sonata Arctica - there are tons of progressive metal bands out there. And if you like the genre, they're all pretty good.
  7. AS5 (or AS3), but the application is much more important than which type of Arctic Silver you're using. I haven't opened Guild Wars in AGES =\.
  8. It's half that here, on a good day. Be thankful =] Anywho, I know I'm going to be behind in GW for a long time. Oh well =[ I'd rather PvE solo or with a friend than engage in PvP. GW is so intricate.
  9. If I'm chilling on a Wireless router with WEP, do I need a firewall?
  10. Why do you guys run through the game as quickly as possible. Isn't the point of the game to enjoy it? My target to finish the game is the day of Factions' release.
  11. Inspiration Mesmer / Death Necro LVL 20 Prae Ttor Not on a lot =P
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