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  1. I only wish I had the knowledge to resolve problems created by programming I'm not in control over

  2. As a newbie in the forum, with the tech knowledge of a "virgin" as well as the understanding as such, it is necessary for me to try to forward my comprehension issues along with my computer woes. I recently installed a registry cleaner program which was supposed to "HELP" . After running it I was not comfortable with what it recommended, so I decided to un-install it. Big mistake on my part as it removed virtually every program from my "Start>All Programs" section, at the time I thought it was part of the uninstall. Now I'm left wondering how to retrieve the programs not there. This program also removed the "System Restore" from "accessories" and I have no idea how to restore any of it. Fortunately I'm still able to use my M/C at this time. For the most part I have a habit of Trial and Error as was previously mentioned ( or you may have assumed), to attempt to correct errors which I possibly have created all on my own. I'm a retired individual on a disability pension which limits expenditures so any help offered is gratefully accepted. Skynard (Len)
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