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  1. 1) don't use internet explorer, use mozilla firefox or opera 2) did you type the correct adress? 3)Yes? then it's possible that you have spyware or adware on your computer because there exist linkchangers spyware. Scan your computer with an antivirus,antispyware program. you can also post a Hijack this log in the Hijack log forum section
  2. Ya... i better had to do that too... Btw thanks Tarun nice program Result:
  3. Print screen --> paste in word --> copy ---> paste in paint ---> upload at photobucket ---> done then they say that i photoshopped it haha
  4. I know...i'm not a picture pro. it's not fake however. I just noticed that Firefox blocked guildwarsguru and said it's an attack site
  5. Tarun this thread is aimed at you because your security expert on that forum. The website : w*w.guildwarsguru.com has a script virus, it tries to acces your computer as soon as you enter the site without your permission. Avira Antivir premium and ESET NOD32 found it meaning it prob won't be a false positive Poor guildwarsguru people without proper protection...
  6. Lol Now i see that LSPfix ruined my Avira Antivir Mailguard. Sorry but Imo LSPfix is garbage For winsocks problems ---> cmd : netsh winsock reset that's better
  7. I'd recommend Avira Antivir. The free edition is nice, i rlly like the interface, easy to use , uses light recourses and is effective. and Tarq is right none of the antivirus programs are perfect, some detect that while the other doesn't. Avast and Avira are both gr8te And are you getting all sorts of pop-ups, etc maybe your computer is infected, Anti Malware toolkit is handy. also get : firewall(comodo is gr8te and free), antispyware(malwarebytes anti-malware is nice+superantispyware is nice too), antivirus(Avira or Avast), spywareblaster, spybot search and destroy, you can post a h
  8. my homepage in mozilla firefox: Speeddial ^^ easy access to all my favorite sites.
  9. Hey i'm back i had a big problem with the winsock thingies that i fixed*relief* I used the program LSPFix . It deletet 1 thing and i rebooted. result: No internet. all kinds of error messages. I searched on microsoft support center for winsock repairing. I used 'cmd' typed 'netsh winsock reset' rebooted and Done! Anyway thx for saying about winsock , i didn't knew anything bout it, now i know what it's for and what it does. I also ran the java Ra program. New log: Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2 Scan saved at 19:28:21, on 30/01/2009 Platform: Windows Vista S
  10. So the LSPfix fixes my Winsock stuff? now i know why i can't access IE/Firefox/MSN/updating ty I will run JavaRa thx
  11. I downloaded Comodo some days ago and it asked to install Firewall+Antivirus or just one of the two. I only picked firewall because i allready have avira antivir. Now i have a question about Comodo AV : Is it a good one? And another question about Comodo Firewall: When you right click on the icon in the right corner of the screen. and you go to ''configuration" you see 4 options : Firewall Security , Internet Security , Protactive Security and Virus Security. Can someone tell me more about that? I got some questions bout ''Firewall security'' and ''defense + secuirty level'' Whic
  12. I'm new to the forum here some things about me: I'm from Belgium(Flemish side) I'm 14 years old.(young i know) I'm interested in computers and other things related to it. That's why I'm going to study informatics when I'm going to high school. Interests: Like I said above and: playing games like : Call of Duty , Guild Wars (explaining my user name), etc. my preference goes to FPS and RTS. P.S. I like blue and i usually post my posts in blue, tell me if that isn't allowed hehe. I hope my age doesn't give you any misunderstanding about my personality like some do.
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