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  1. Anti Virus: AVG Anti Malware: Spyware Blaster Disk Cleanup: CCleaner Registry Cleanup: CCleaner
  2. Monalisa

    Your browser

    Firefox is my first choice, Opera and Google Chrome are also good
  3. Good post RTZ, it will help a lot to newbies, keep it up
  4. sounds interesting is it possible to run it on Win XP or Win NT
  5. Sounds interseting, i am going to download them and then i will try to take off
  6. Below is the list of routers and their details: http://portforward.com/routers.htm just check it, it will help you decide a brand
  7. You can have 2 tables, one is of person detail and other is of uniform details and you can create primary keys Person_id in person details form and uniform id in uniform details and then by using foreign key concept you can fetch the required record
  8. Hello welcome back to the forum, hope you enjoy your stay here.
  9. Below are some links to free alarm clock software, you can try them: http://www.ornj.net/citrus/ http://www.tarsoft.com/ http://www.download.com/Alarm-Clock/3000-2...4-10064069.html http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Search/alarm_clock.html hope you find them useful
  10. Which antivirus software provide maximum security to one's computer and is best to use with PC? Kindly answer me as I am sick of these virus attacks to my PC
  11. Monalisa

    chip repair

    One of the chip on the motherboard of my PC is not working due to which PC got some problem, i wish to know either i should get repaired motherboard or should i replace it? How costly is chip repair, kindly let me know about it.
  12. Greetings! My name is Monalisa Parker, I am new to this forum and hope to have great time here.
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