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  1. Firefox extensions. Which do you use?

    My config can be found in the file attatched Cheers, Ryan Jones My_Config___Firefox.txt
  2. Lunarsoft Freeware list

    Heres another (Not released lnong ago) 1st Page 2006 Cheers, Ryan Jones
  3. Lunarsoft Freeware list

    Here are some more for y'all GAIM Process Explorer Spyware Blaster Spybot Search & Destroy Zip Genius Dev-C++ Innos Setup Maxima Some of those may be there - I had to skim read because I'm working Cheers, Ryan Jones

    I have not been here long enugh to know who you are but Welcome Back anyway Cheers, Ryan Jones
  5. Hi everyone!

    LOL, I'm not that good at anything I work for that host as a security manager / programmer, I desiged the detector and a lot of the image processing code in the sig gen Security is my main area of interest (And progamming too) Cheers, Ryan Jones
  6. Hi everyone!

    Thanks Cheers, Ryan Jones
  7. Hi everyone!

    Thanks trish4323 Cheers, Ryan Jones
  8. Hi everyone!

    G'day again, Unless the shrapnel is in the other side....... Case you're wondering, I'm ex-military and shrapnel is fun, but then again Napalm is even better..... Cheers <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks for the welcome. I've never worked with true Napalm but I've worked with stuff pretty close too it... Nasty stuff Cheers, Ryan Jones
  9. Hi everyone!

    I'm probably already there, I have made fireworks and the like - luckily I am permitted to by the fact I have a class B explosives lisence, stupid people will not give me a class A (Nitroglycerine, RDX etc.) though.... I wonder why Pyro is fun and safe as long as the person is responsible though I like to limit my experiments to things that don't explode... shrapnel is not too nice to have in you its really best avoided! Cheers, Ryan Jones
  10. Hi everyone!

    Nope, they are totally different - a pyrochemist studdies the effects of thermal variations on the kinetics of a reaction - a pyromaniac likes to set fire too things Although some of the experiments I have done have exploded for no apparent reason - now thats what I call a fast! :eyeroll: Thanks for the warm welcomes all Cheers, Ryan Jones
  11. Hi everyone!

    Thanks CaPMan Cheers, Ryan Jones
  12. Hi everyone!

    hanks for the welcome MP_handler, much appreciated Cheers, Ryan Jones
  13. PC Maintenance pages

    PHP is actually very useful in that way because you can make things like variable style sheets and because PHP is serverside it does not require the browser to do anything except display the output and this can be very useful :-) When I design a website I have to design two stylesheets (IE, Everything else mostly), using UA string identification you can then switch the sheet as required per browser :-) Even though IE can escape these by Masking its UA string its not possible for it to mask this test: <?php if (stristr($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'], 'application/xhtml+xml')) { # Using Firefox or any brower that supports the application/xhtml+xml mime-type. } else { # Not using Firefox, Opera, safari. Probably IE, Netscape or a text mode browser. } ?> Which can be very useful sometimes :-) Cheers, Ryan Jones
  14. Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! I found may way here from http://nanobox.chipx86.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=29 so I'd like to thak Tarun for posting the link because this looks like a great forum A little about me: I am 17 years old, a security tester and my hobbies include pyrochemistry and programming and some web design. I really enjoy science, mathematics and also computer security work (Though do not get a lot of time right now). Cheers, Ryan Jones