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  1. Hi,

    Using the current versionv 1.07.169 , and tried on a variety of Win2000sp4, WinXPsp3, VistaSP1, and Win7beta systems, from multiple locations, Broadband speeds, and ISPs, AMT constantly crashes with a GPF/UAE error, and the good ole Windows error box pops up... "AMT has encountered a problem and needs to close"

    This can be during downloading various apps into the default local download dir. Occasionally AMT may complete without failure, esp if you only choose a small signature file to download.

    I hate to say it, but this build appears very flaky and unable to cope very well with network delays, connection failures, download stalls, or some other transient internet download bottleneck/delay/pause/connection issue.

    Is there any debug verbose log switch which can help to identify the cause of this AMT failure.

    I cannot confirm whether this occurred with earlier versions, as I only very rarely used AMT before December

    Many thanks


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