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  1. I forgot a few things. :eyeroll: Both computers are running XP SP2, and the router is a Linksys Wireless-G 2.4GHz with a cable modem. Both computers are running eTrust Antivirus, Spybot S&D, Windows Defender, Adaware, CWShredder, Ewido, SpywareBlaster, and DSOStop2. The wireless computer has the following 2 errors in the event viewer. 1. Source: Browser Event ID 8032 The browser service has failed to retrieve the backup list too many times on transport \Device\NwlnkNb. The backup browser is stopping. 2. Source: Browser Event ID 8021 The browser was unable to retrieve a list
  2. Okay. So early this morning I decided to check my router's manufacturer website for upgrades. (Bad idea ) I installed the one available. Now the other computer on the network cannot connect to the internet. It says that a connect is established, and excellent yet you can't access the interent. After hours of reconfiguring over-and-over I uninstalled the router, and deleted the upgrade then rebooted. The wireless computer still can't connect to the internet, but the connection is there. I have totally ran out of ideas. Except that I did notice that my Routing and Remote Access
  3. I wasn't sure where to post this. Tarun please move it to wherever it should be. This is my issue. Everytime that I login on the homepage I receive this error "The error returned was: You must enter a username". I enter my username everytime that I sign in, and everytime I get the same error. It's getting really annoying to have to login 2X to be logged in. Can this be resolved please? Thanks, K
  4. Nope. Still waiting, but it's supposed to take 6-8 weeks. So it'll be awhile before they start coming in. Can't wait though! Nice find T! :P
  5. I like the wallpaper idea! @Haze - I want your signature picture!!! I love it! :P
  6. Ok. First of all, I'm retarded right now...been searching for a Trojan all day (on another computer). For some reason, on my computer, I can't see posted images. Does anyone know why? I need someone else's brain right now. thanks EDIT: Nevermind. My brain worked again for a second. :P
  7. Man! I looked at your HJT log, and saw Norton. I remember reading somewhere that Norton can interefer with things like this, but I couldn't remember where I read it (so I didn't have a reference). I am curious as to why Norton still interefered after turning it off/disabling it. I wonder why you have to uninstall it to stop the interference. (Don't answer "because it's Norton" ) I'm glad things are running better for you JMac. :P
  8. Well I don't think that's true in this case, because I had installed WD 3 times before I realized that it had intalled. Had to remove the extras. @lokoike: I like your avatar. :unsure:
  9. Glad that you mentioned that. I was tossing that around. That's a good possibility. @JMac: How much hd free space do you have? Regardless, defrag then install, and watch your tower before stopping it. L...you may be onto something. :unsure:
  10. Very funny. But no, not a placebo. I was scared to mention that the pages weren't stalling because I thought that the not stalling was a placebo before Tarun mentioned it. :D
  11. There will be an error in your event viewer.
  12. * Turn off Norton, firewall, real-time. * Language needs to match the language of OS. * Uninstall Giant Antispyware * Need 20MB of free HD space. * Problem connecting to a domain controller on the network. * Disable e-mail scanning. Check out this link. Download from Softpedia (Less Mis...) What's are your errors?
  13. I agree. I just can't figure out what is being overlooked. I'm searching Majorgeeks right now, but it's so huge it takes forever. ($10 on the table, and it goes to donations) @JMac I'll let you know if I find anything.
  14. Got the KB? I'm out of ideas. :unsure:
  15. I only have one more idea, and it's a long shot. Look in your Add/Remove Programs, do you see "Windows Installer 3.1 (KB893803)"? If so, run > regedit > ctrl+F > (type) KB893803v2 -- That should be there.
  16. Is all of your Real-Time protection turned off? (from other programs...antivirus, teatimer?) Maybe even turn off your firewall for a minute? Have you tried to install in Safe Mode? Is your user account the Administrator?
  17. With DAF it's always a good idea to click the green check mark > then click GO. As for Windows Defender it only shows up by your clock when it's reminding you to scan, or telling you to update. Can't help you with the Sound Equalizer. I would check my Device Manager, and see if anything shows up there. :P
  18. Did you click Tools, and click Repair Permissions? If that doesn't work, click Tools > SFC Purge > Go; then Tools > SFC Scan > Go
  19. "Oh, mercy me!" krit86lr exclaims, "I can hardly stand it!" :unsure:
  20. Couldn't you just back up to computer then save to cd? It might do, if you try let us know, or if I try first I will let you know. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Cool. I'll see if the safe mode method solves anything, and if it doesn't I'll try the backup to comp then save to cd. Thanks, K
  21. That was cool. I wish that my classes had demonstrations like that.
  22. ****! You must have gotten the last one. Lucky sc
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