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  1. Like I said: "Now...if Mac's were as big as Windows then yes...they would get hit just as hard, but that isn't the case."
  2. I disagree Tarun. Mac's definitely ARE safer than Windows. One or 2 exploits are not even comparable to the magnitude of exploits that Windows gets hit with. Now...if Mac's were as big as Windows then yes...they would get hit just as hard, but that isn't the case. Mac's are safer, and so is Linux for that matter. @ CaPMan...Mac's website has a list of applications so free, and some shareware.
  3. Okay well I actually just read the links. Wow! That was weird to read.
  4. Yes, I'll marry you Haze. lol
  5. Wow! Very cool, but he has way too much time on his hands. :D
  6. So far corjello's suggestion is the best in my opinion. The easiest though I have found is transferring them through IM. Email has a size limit, and usually won't allow zip files (I have found from my experience). Good Luck! :D
  7. Wow. Fredvries I always thought you were MrG's biggest fan. As for "somewhat negative posts being removed"...a few forum members PMd me about that and admitted to requesting for the posts to be removed. Tarun even respects his member's requests and removes posts that are considered negative/inappropriate to them. As for YoKenny...he shouldn't even have posting rights. @ Tarun - Sorry to hear about all of that. I wasn't aware of what was going on. Maybe with some time things will settle down and go back to normal. I'm glad to hear that you are seriously considering writing you
  8. Hello lunarsteve, and welcome! Happy posting. :D
  9. You can buy compressed air anywhere. At comp shops it is specifically sold this purpose. The brush isn't going to do enough on it's own really.
  10. OMG--did I forget about you?? Sorry!! You know that you're my favorite sweetheart !! Right?! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'd better be. :)
  11. Ok, OK, so I was mistaken, sorry 'bout that. It has been one of those weeks--all 8 days! And yes things are straighter than before trish, my dear <{POST_SNAPBACK}> btw - yo yo yo :)
  12. shhhhhhhhhh, you weren't supposed to notice that. And ditto what CaPMan said. LOL
  13. LOL - It's been out for awhile sweetie. It's okay, but I liked the old interface better for some reason.
  14. You obviously haven't had enough to drink greenknight. Have one on me....
  15. I'm curious about this. I have IE7 installed, and I don't have any problems with my hp...so that is a good reason to not use Logitech then. roflmao j/k They'll come out with an update once IE7 is final I'm sure. But I will try it with my Logitech and see if I have any problems.
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