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  1. lokoike aims all his evilness at me. He seems to think I deserve it or something. Hufu is an interesting thing. I try to decide if it's real or not and then my brain begins to hurt. Some things shouldn't be thought about I guess... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You know it's a trick, right? :D
  2. I said that because DjLizard said that to me once. No other reason really. I have a Logitech and a HP. I prefer the hp, but use whatever you like. :D
  3. Oh! And I would suggest getting one that has a built in mic on it as well.
  4. I use a digital hp that I like. It really depends on what you need one for I guess. Just stay away from Logitech. :D
  5. Hello and Welcome! :D
  6. Drive Cleaners | Zappit System Cleaner (Now Freeware) 1.1 "Zappit System Cleaner cleans up and speeds up your computer. It cleans Windows, Internet Tracks, frees up hard-disk space and optimizes your system. A clean computer runs better and faster and Zappit makes it easy to clean temporary and unused files in just a few seconds with no need to worry about deleting the "wrong" files. Includes a Start-Up Manager and a Favorites and Start Menu Manager. Safe Mode for beginners; Advanced Mode for more options." Security | WinGuard Pro 2006 6.4.23 "WindowsGuard helps you to password pr
  7. Thank you. I require recognition. LOL Have fun.
  8. What about me hoochie? Where's the love? Welcome all the same. :P
  9. This has been my most favorite thread in a long time. :P
  10. krit86lr

    IE help

    Hint: the following is a list of common paths you can pull the requested files from, provided that they are not corrupted: * Try the i386 folder on your installation media whenever possible * iexplore.exe: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer * iedw.exe: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer * html32.cnv: C:\Program FIles\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\TextConv * dhtmled.ocx: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Triedit * mswrd632.wpc: C:\Program FIles\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\TextConv * install.ins: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\SIGNUP * ieinfo5.ocx: C:\Program Files\Com
  11. krit86lr

    IE help

    Or, you can make it easy on yourself and use DAF to reinstall IE. Tools > repair/reinstall IE > GO Easy as pie. DAF EDIT: Tarun and I posted at the same time. :P
  12. Hello cheezhed97 and Welcome I'm not a HJT analyzer, but someone will be around by tomorrow to assist you. So hang tight. :P
  13. Oh yeah! Me too. pass me one SenutyEnool..
  14. Happy Birthday! Have fun! Don't do anything that I wouldn't do.
  15. Yaaaayyyyyy! I'm not the only one who fell for it. :P
  16. Nice to meet you too. Who are you? Now that was smoootttthhhhh. I totally fell for that. ;P
  17. Just a thought, but you could add "Immunize" after updating Spybot in the intructions. nvm, I stand corrected. :P
  18. roflmao, I thought you just didn't care. :sick:
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