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  1. What do you all think about this? I don't like it.

    "A Windows shortcut "trick," which could allow an executable file to be launched when a user types a Web address into Internet Explorer, is not a security vulnerability, Microsoft said.

    Using Windows XP and Internet Explorer, a user could type in a Web address--such as www.microsoft.com--into a browser, and instead of launching the Web site the browser would run an executable file located on the user's computer.

    To test the so-called trick, try the following:

    • Right click on the Desktop and create a new Shortcut

    • Point the shortcut to an executable--such as c:\windows\system32\calc.exe

    • Call the shortcut www.microsoft.com

    • Start Internet Explorer and type "www.microsoft.com" into the address bar

    If the shortcut is then deleted--or the characters "http://" are added before the "www" in the browser address bar--then IE will once again connect to the Internet as expected. "

    ZD Net

  2. Does anyone here use Linux? If so, what version and what type of CD?

    I'm using Ubutu the Live CD, and I love it. It automatically comes with FF, Open Office, etc...it's awesome. :sick:

  3. Yeah, yeah, I know!  They're coming I promise, I promise, I promise!  It just might be a week or two.


    *sigh* yeah, yeah, I know...3 weeks when your honey gets back. :sick:

  4. doesnt the X2 on your processor mean sorta like a dual core?

    is this your new main comp, or did you build it for a friend?



    yep, he has a dual core processor and it's his new main comp!!

    I'M SO F'G JEALOUS!!!!!! punk.gif

  5. "Three months ago, we had a chat with Novell Linux evangelist Andreas Girardet who waxed lyrical about his company's desktop product SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLED) version 10. This was to be the Windows killer, the desktop Linux to end all desktop Linux products, the one that would make 2006 the year of the Linux desktop. However, we were expecting it by the end of June and it seems to be a little late."


    I hope that this isn't delayed too long. I'm really excited about this. :sick:

  6. One thing occurred to me: Why in the world did you type up a 5 page essay without saving it several times during the process?! That is a typical amateur computer user error!


    Agreed! It doesn't matter what type of machine you are using, there is always the possibility of losing work that isn't consistantly saved.

    The CEO of a company that I worked for had been working on something all day, then the power went out for a bit due to a storm. He had not been saving all day, and lost all of his work. And he wasn't using a mac.

    My point is that this type of situation isn't about the machine being used, but the user. Good call Glade. :sick:


  7. Data Recovery: Unstoppable Copier 2.25

    Recover files from scratched CD's or defective floppy/hard disks.

    Spyware Tool

    E2TakeOut 1.01

    This program removes the E2Give and PTech malware. Simply download, unzip, and run the E2TakeOut.exe file. Follow the onscreen directions and be sure to restart your computer when prompted.


    AIMFix 1.6..630.185

    AIM Fix was created to remove all known AIM viruses in one consolidated removal tool. It is designed to end the virus processes, delete the files, and remove registry keys created by the virus.

  8. i tried IE7 BETA 2 before... after hearing what you said... i am going to try BETA 3... :lol:


    Beta 3 is better than Beta 2 I think.

    If you're going to use IE7 Beta 3, make sure that you back up your computer first, and make a System Restore point before the installation. Also, copy the Uninstaller folder to a CD or something. Reason being is that if you don't do these things before hand and something goes wrong you will have to format.

    Read the release notes before installation as well so that you know what you're getting into. :lol:

    Note: One of my favorite features is that you can have multiple home pages like FF. :sick:

  9. Okay. My status just changed. I just installed IE7 Beta3, and it beats the pants off of Opera. I never thought I'd say this, but my new top 2 browsers are now FF and IE. FF being #1 of course. :sick:

  10. just curious here... krit86lr when do you use Firefox and when Opera... coz i have Opera but i seldom launch it...


    * There are some forums, not computer related, that I have 2 SNs on and if I launch both browsers I can be logged in under 2 SNs. Don't try that here because it won't work, at least not for long. :lol: LOL

    * When I have problems loading web pages in FF, which happens rarely, I switch to Opera.

    That's it. :sick:

  11. Hahaha...I love it when the bad guys get busted. :sick:

    The Metropolitan Police's Computer Crime Unit, the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation (NBI Finland) and the Finnish Pori Police Department, have arrested a 63-year-old man in Suffolk, a 28-year-old man in Scotland, and a 19-year-old man in Finland. The men, who are all suspected of being members of the M00P virus-writing gang, have been arrested in connection with a conspiracy to infect computers with malware.

    UK and Finnish Polise arrest members of virus-writing gang

  12. This cracked me up!

    Magic Pull


    Urrrrm, was you drunk at the time Krit?. :lol:

    Btw, I could not get it to open in FF, had to use IE tab.


    LOL, yes I was a bit toasty. :sick: It opens for me in FF just fine. I didn't have to use the IE Tab. :lol:

    Seems to me you have something wrong! :lol:

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