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    This cracked me up! Magic Pull
  2. Stop being a smart a$$ and answer the question! :lol:
  3. Honestly I don't know from experience if Macs suck or not. I've noticed that Windows users say that Macs suck, but all of the Mac users that I know absolutely love them. They never have problems, glitches, etc....So why aren't Macs good if they run so well? :sick:
  4. Hi Gunner! Have fun :sick:
  5. Kerio still has a freeware option. Firewalls
  6. krit86lr


    They do on my computer. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Maybe, but Avast specifically gives a warning during installation that there is a conflict between the two. :lol:
  7. krit86lr


    Yeah, if you can get it configured correctly. :eyeroll:
  8. Welcome! And have fun, dudette! :lol:
  9. krit86lr


    Obviously you DO see the reason to use Firewalls since you're using 2...hardware and software. The reason to use Firewalls is to keep malware from getting on your pc in the first place. It's your best line of defense. ZA isn't buggy, it was asking you to approve connections so that you always knew/know what is connecting to your pc. Most good software firewalls require some sort of configuration, and approval from you AT FIRST. I'm don't ranting....for now. :sick:
  10. I love UltraISO now. It's really user friendly. Thanks. :sick:
  11. Ubutu is awesome. I use it on one of my machies. Like I said before, I use CDBurner XP Pro3 (freeeware) to write my ISO files.
  12. **** Straight! Thanks :sick:
  13. Cool. I wasn't sure. I've only used it once. :sick:
  14. So could I use Norton Ghost for a straight copy disc to disc? Or is that just for hard drives. Thanks for the link.
  15. All of the configurations. Even when I told it to always and allow FF I couldn't connect. Now I remember experiencing this before. I will actually have to read instructions (which I don't like doing so much )
  16. Now I remember why I stopped using Outpost. lmao
  17. Cool, I think I got it from DeviantArt. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, that's where I got it too. DeviantArt has some of the best stuff in my opinion.
  18. That's one of my favorite wallpapers.
  19. Avast told me that it isn't compatible with ZA at the beginning. You could blame that on either Avast or ZA. As for needing to give Avast internet permissions, that's how ZA works, and if I remember correctly, that is how Outpost works as well. It's been awhile since I've used Outpost, but I'll play with it again. Sounds good to me! I'll try it, thanks. :lol:
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