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  1. Couldn't you just back up to computer then save to cd? It might do, if you try let us know, or if I try first I will let you know. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> UPDATE I'm trying Cobian right now. I'm backing it up to my computer and then I'll try writing it to a CD. My HDD will be completely full before sending the files to CD. I tried using WinBackup in Safe Mode, and it did work without any errors, but it took 6.5 hours. (That's too long) You have to specifiy which processes to stop so that it can backup which is why I got errors backing up in Normal Mode because I didn
  2. Just to be certain... Run > cmd ipconfig /release (did you put a space after ipconfig?) ipconfig /renew (did you put a space after renew?) EDIT: typo above - renew should say ipconfig.
  3. It's a long shot that both machines are experiencing winsock errors at the same time, but it did happen to someone on another forum about a week ago. ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew didn't work for him. After applying a winsock fix everything worked fine again. It's easy so it's worth giving it a shot. What a pain, huh?
  4. *Gasp!* I can't even imagine that!! That's almost as bad as being without a microwave! It's worse! This really sucks :P
  5. Have you tried a winsock fix? And of course double check the router passwords on the wireless machines.
  6. I did just download some things off of that site. I hope that I downloaded the right things. I was hoping that I could at least wait until the semester was over. But it sounds as though I don't have that long. I will backup tonight. That's for darn sure! I did a clean install of WinME in Dec(?), and a clean install of WinXP in Jan(?)....I'm over it! Maybe I will be without a computer for awhile. Finals are creeping up, and I have a new job (2 weeks old) so I'm really busy right now. Plus, I have never installed a HD and I was planning on learning about that this summer when
  7. I posted this on the CCleaner forum as well: I was resuming Windows from hibernation, and I got a black screen that said Master Hard Disk: S.M.A.R.T. Command Failed Press F1 to Resume I don't know what this means, but I think that it's really bad. I need my computer to last until August, but I think that this error has something to do with my HD failing. I am going to Google now, but if anyone has some knowledgable suggestions it will be much appreciated. I'm not very good at troubleshooting hardware. Thanks K
  8. LMAO...that's really funny dude.
  9. My bad...it was Zaphire. Regardless if it's happend when opening FF, what matters is what's reported in Event Viewer, right? :P
  10. I thought that sc looked in her Event Viewer and it said WinAmp. Will you check your Event Viewer Zaphire to see if the error is the same as sickchicks? You may not have visualization stuff, but you do have script's. Maybe they are outdated?
  11. Opera is good, and Maxthon is necessary if you insist on using IE. But you said that you like IE. (go wash your mouth out with soap) And the problem is Winamp. It is not browser related. (Nice try though ) You crack me up though :)
  12. I suppose that I cheated by not showing my desktop. I add some more icons today.
  13. I only have 4 desktop icons. But I chose to hide my icons so that you enjoy the pretty picture. :P
  14. Are you up and runnin' again Zaphire? What ended up being the problem?
  15. haha...that's what I was going to say. Was it locked in there still when you opened the case? Maybe it was just dirty? Maybe Windows is spastic sometimes? :)
  16. Alot of people are beginning to feel that way. It's part of the reason that I've been playing around with so many other cleaners lately. CCleaner v1.27 was way too jacked up, and for no reason. My serious concern is from MrG not informing anyone about the toolbar. It still isn't listed anywhere that it's bundled in. I'm not a fan of lying, and lying by omission is even worse. It makes him look shady. Oh well, I've moved on. :eyeroll:
  17. CCleaner v1.28 was released today. It does include the toolbar, so you will need to uncheck the box if you choose to download. I don't know if MrG will release other builds, or not. He isn't saying. CC 1.28 It's 1,408KB in size. EDIT: All 3 builds were just officially released. Yeah! No toolbar. EDIT: Well. This forum is a ghost town today. This is my 3rd edit and no one has seen it. It's for the best because... The download for the slim build says v1.28, but the installer is v1.27. So, that's that.
  18. I can't believe that you said just said work that game. lMAO No need to elaborate Haze. Lokoike cleared that up. Kinda bummed that you weren't flirting with me tho. ;)
  19. Well thank you lokoike. Good link. But, I still don't know what Haze meant by that. There are 20 definitions for XD. One definition said that Haze is flirting with me. hijacked/
  20. Yeah I know about deviantart, im a deviant there I love their vector wallpapers. Thanks //haze <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sorry, but I'm out of the loop. What does XD mean? And I should have known that you were a member at deviantart. You are quite deviant. ;)
  21. Mine is still the same from... a long time ago... must be really boring I guess. Course, I never posted it then, so I guess that wouldn't help you guys any! But I didn't skin it or anything cool like that, so it's nothing special. Just the silver WinXP theme, calendar/todo list app on the right-hand side, and the desktop pic is my g/f. I used to do the whole Widget thing, but they pretty much just hog resources and get in the way (even if they are kind of nifty). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> blah, blah, blah. Where's your desktop dude? :)
  22. I'm on crack. It was sticky keys...not sticky fingers, right? :P
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