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  1. we are been busy sorry all updated now :cake:
  2. Parvez Zxian New_Age Ultimate Predator Pick your posion :cake:
  3. well in this case we had to do a little more than just resize we had to pick a "focal point" of the image to resize on. Its kinda like when they make background music in movies, they cut out the parts of the song they don't like and keep what pertains to the scene in the movie. Most of the time, without the viewer noticing. Same principle here. Thats just my 2 cents
  4. and i'll make a custom one for you soon i've just been really busy lately :happybday:
  5. Post em up! I'm feeling lovey dovey this month...get used to it lol and yes, i made that wallpaper :happybday:
  6. now that i'm in charge theres gunna be some drastic changes around here...... muhahahahah! or desktop finalists.... lol finalists are Mangix Parvez great job guys!
  7. glad you like it if you got any suggestions or need any graphics don't hesitate to ask on the forums :happybday:
  8. heres mine http://www.zxian.org/wolfx2/Pictures/Untitled.jpg
  9. YAY! You Remembered! Thanks Everyone!
  10. [you] [you] see, i'm good for more than graphics :D
  11. *sigh* i wish i could say the same , all my friends are into SOAD but..i'm not :D
  12. They look awesome! but what i think maby be a little bias :D
  13. [New *bigger* linkto button PMed to Tarun.] :P
  14. here's mine, nothing too fancy this month Clean Dirty
  15. hahaha, 3 cheers for pointless computeing :P
  16. I thought i'd make a graphic for the birthday or lunarsoft hope ya like it
  17. thanks for your warm welcome everyone :P
  18. I feel very welcomed and i just started posting today Seeing as my name is in big bold letters in the rules I hope to make allot of gfx for allot of people over time thanks for welcoming me Tarun but i'm off to make a sig now :D
  19. I'll help out with the gfx, i mean that is my speciality :P
  20. Hey everyone, i think i'll be visiting lunarsoft more often now, and to start off my first REAL post here, i would like to show off my new website's bannar tell me what you think Ps: i'm gunna make a special signature image for my lunarsoft (this) account :P
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