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  1. This is an interesting site some of you may relate to. The toilet and death ones were interesting !! http://www.iusedtobelieve.com/
  2. Hope all your birthdays come at once! :D
  3. If I go to c:/docs and settings/all users/application data/microsoft/widows defender/definition updates there is a file there called updates with nothing in it. I have successfully updated the defs via windows updates this afternoon, so do these go in the definitions folder and if so what is the updates folder for?
  4. hazelnut

    Dui Test

    CaPMan, 24 hours in a day, 24 cans in a case coincidence?
  5. I don't agree with animal testing.... they get nervous and give the wrong answers.
  6. My etrust av switched the e-mail scanner off this morning for no reason I could see. I removed from tray, rebooted and e-mail scanning was back on. Anyone any idea why this happened/
  7. Well Texas I see it's on the 3rd page of your welcome back and I've missed it all!! That's the trouble with being on the other side of the world to most of you. I bet it feels really comfortable, slipping your legs under the forum table and chatting. It's so nice to have you back.
  8. Hope you manage everything okay slightly off topic years ago (when young!) I worked for a while in Kinfauns castle Perth.
  9. Do I need to uninstall Antispy first, or do I wait as Microsoft says and wait until I am contacted about the defender update?
  10. I have the slim version also, and have no problems with it. However I feel that more info should have been posted by Mr G about the different versions. None ccleaner and Lunarsoft forum members will probably download the bloated one. Slightly off topic I also feel that people should have been advised that it may be a better idea not to leave the windows update uninstaller checked. I will only be cleaning the uninstallers after I am sure that the windows updates have caused no probs on my system.
  11. * You get a speeding ticket even when you're parked. * You answer the door before people knock. * You just completed another sweater and you don't know how to knit. * You grind your coffee beans in your mouth. * You can take a picture of yourself from ten feet away without using the timer. * Your eyes stay open when you sneeze. * You go to AA meetings just for the free coffee. * You walk twenty miles on the treadmill before realizing it's not plugged in. * You forget to unwrap candy bars before eating them. * You go to sleep just so you can wake
  12. If you don't mind me asking Ultimate, what is your age? Or an approximate will do :)
  13. I have about 300 mp3's saved on my computer. This took me a while and I learned a lot doing it. Through the forum here and ccleaner I found out about .ogg and things like that and also how to change the bit rate using various software. Some people are more music orientated than others, and NEED music like other people need books, or videos. I think, through music, I have improved my computer skills.
  14. I'm pleased you are so happy with your new job. Lots and lots of luck with it. :)
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