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  1. I see there are different packs to choose from. 1.Which pack is recommended for the average user like me? 2.I see it says to uninstall other codec packs first. What would they be refering to? 3. I have Shrink and Decrypter which are important to me, this K-lite pack will not interfere with these?
  2. No more than he deserves. I just looked and it's number 6 in the top 10 downloads on the site.
  3. I work for Royal Mail and we get 50 stamps for Xmas. I think this is meant to make us send letters to keep ourselves in business.
  4. Strange isn't it CaPman, we invented the time zone at Greenwich, now they've hijacked it !
  5. How I wish I was on the same time zone as you lot. I post a question and when I next get to look at it you've all been and discussed it!! Interesting to learn that what we call a memory stick, you call a jump drive. Thank you all gentlemen for the info, I will use the -safely remove hardware -icon.
  6. So glad you liked it, ( and the kids of course! ) If I come across anymore I'll let you know.
  7. Thank you Sniper. Just to clearify something, what I call a memory stick, you call a jump drive? Most mp3 players are not hot-swappable then, as I've just realised I always have mine off when putting music on it.
  8. If any of you have kids or grandkids, I can totally recommend the following software. A great painting prog. with hundreds of stamp and sound additions. I have 4 grandkids and have to fight them for this! It's hard to believe it's free. I used to have Artrage prog. but this is SO much better. The magic button has rainbows, bricks, grass and more. Link to installer of prog ( choose mirror ) http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/tuxpain...er.exe?download Link to stamps download ( a must have ! ) http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/tuxpain...er.exe?download Have fun.
  9. I look forward to that Tarun. May I ask that they are compiled in such a way that novices are well catered for some suggestions, backing up files, how to use the command function ( with some useful suggestions) how to post a screenshot
  10. A couple of questions about memory sticks, usbs and the like. What does it mean (in plain English! ) if it is, 1 Hot-swoppable 2 has flash drive. Thank you. :realmad:
  11. Didn't realize anyone had missed me, that's nice!! Sometimes you get to feel all you do is post silly questions that most people already know the answers to. As for the joke contents - no problem. I guess I'll just have to start with the posts again. :lol:
  12. Good luck in your new job Texas. :realmad:
  13. Happy birthday Corey.Many more of them. I've a few more years than you on the clock !!
  14. Tarun, you may think differently when you've been married a few years!! I'm afraid it's true, men DO have faults. After all the children of Israel wandered the desert for 40 years - even in biblical times men wouldn't ask for directions. My friend says men are only on this planet because vibrators can't dance or buy drinks!
  15. Having real difficulties with the net the last few hours. Lunarsoft, ccleaner and others take AGES to load. Anyone else experiencing problems or is it UK based?
  16. Looks like more bad news, breaking news is there has been massive explosions at an oil terminal in the south of England.
  17. When I am logged in and go to the forum page, the details of my posts etc are there. Also is a place for me to search, if I put a subject in here there is nowhere to click search apart from the search option at the top (with the spyglass.) If I click this, I have to enter all the search details again.
  18. hazelnut

    Mess Patch

    As I'm sure Tarun will tell you, at the moment ccleaner does interfere with some of the msn settings.
  19. I must agree with you about ewido. It is the most useful thing I have along with ccleaner. Everything about it is easy, and yes it does detect things others don't.
  20. Nice to see you here. :lol:
  21. Just glad I don't have spherical objects!
  22. Wendy went over to see her neighbour Lily. " How do you get your tomatoes in your greenhouse to go red? " she asked Lily. "Mine are still green." "Well" said Lily " There is something you can try, but you have to take off all your clothes" "I'm willing to try anything" "Okay" said Lily " Tomatoes get embarrased very easily, so when they see you naked they will blush" "Ill try that tonight" said Wendy. As it began to get dark Wendy stripped off and made her way to her greenhouse. Next day she went over to see Lily. "How did you get on?" asked Lily " So So, my tomatoes are still green but the cucumbers are 4 inches longer"
  23. Great use of colour ( non-American spelling, thanks Senuty )
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