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  1. Corjello, I understand why you have your theory. Some would says how would you know what sharp points looked like if you had only felt them. A friend said in his opinion it would not be possible, it would be like knowing what cabbage tastes like without ever eating it!
  2. Thank you caPMaN for setting up the poll. It will be interesting to see some results in a few months time.
  3. I believe that more than 100 years ago some questions were asked on the following subject. If a person who was blind was taught to identify cubes and spheres by touch alone, would that same person, if he regained his sight, be able to recognise the objects by sight alone? It's a tough question.
  4. It has been interesting, although as you say it's a pity more people didn't post the info. Perhaps it's the signs that are absent which is the most revealing point.
  5. Noticed today's entry on the front page. :lol:
  6. Thanks rridgley. Used them both, no finds. Then I did the things listed in my hijack thread. :lol:
  7. The user menu to the right is something I notice straight away on the forum homepage. I don't know if it's the colours or the way it's set out... I notice it. The lists on the left, forums, downloads etc...I notice. The bit in the middle needs a little something to make it more noticable. Whether it colours or fonts, lines or what I'm not sure. Just my opinion Tarun, it may not make any difference to other members. Overall, it's a good, informative page, not many others have anything like it. :lol:
  8. Okay, another point to you, no anti-virus! As I already have put shredder ccleaner and ad-aware on his system, ( not with most recent defs) Can I just download spybot on its own ? From a place on this site please. Until I put this winsoc repair thing on I cannot get him online. Okay, I see the link from the PC Maintenance Edit 2 The link doesn't work although most of the others do.
  9. For help with my inquiry in Hijackthis log. Can you tell me which, if any, of the antivirus progs for windows me in the malware package, I can download and it will already contain a fairly recent set of defs.
  10. Just in case anyone doesn't know there is a new version of cwshredder, 2.19 Okay Tarun, you win !! Just read ccleaner post. Cannot keep up with everthing.!!! P.S. I keep missing your front page headline. Perhaps you could think of a way to attract attention to lastest headline??
  11. So far we have, Aquarius 2 Scorpio 2 Taurus 2 Pisces 2 Leo 1 Sagittarius 1 Gemini 1
  12. Jenny comes to stay with her Grandmother, and asks to go out with her friends that night. She comes downstairs to go out dressed in a very low cut top. "You cannot go out dressed like that" gasps her Grandmother. "Lighten up Grandmother" replies Jenny., and off she goes. Next morning Jenny comes downstairs to find her Grandmother sitting in the chair without a top on at all. "Grandmother! what do you think you are doing, my friends will be here in a moment, cover yourself up!" "Lighten up Jenny" says Grandmother, " If it was ok for you to show your rosebuds, it's okay for me to display my hanging baskets.
  13. Thanks CaPMan for that link. Lots of good info there.
  14. hazelnut


    Just be glad you are not a chicken in this life, people eat you before you are born and after you die :hug:
  15. Just a thought that occured to me. Would there would be any point in advising people, after they have done HJT logs which involve repairing damage to their system, to delete all prevous restore points and make a new one? I just wondered....
  16. If you are unsure about how to follow Tarun's advice, ask him again what you are unsure of. Also this may help if you read it. http://www.ccleaner.com/index.php?showtopic=1720
  17. Welcome to Lunarsoft gdelaune, shouldn't be too long now before you get help with your log, with some people being in America ( as Tarun is ) we have to wake for them to wake up!!
  18. very surprised to see what I did when I just typed in the words safe soulseek into Goole. First I noticed the ccleaner topic, and then under it this soulseek topic http://forums.slsknet.org/ipb/lofiversion/....php/t5303.html I didn't think this would be on google's front page! Tarun, you may want to censor this!
  19. I have... Microsoft Antispyware CWShredder eTrust Antivirus Spyware Blaster Ewido Security Suite ( yes you can update manually ) CCleaner
  20. I have been wondering if certain zodiac signs predominate in the world of computers. Does anyone know? An Aquarian
  21. I'm sure, knowing you lot, it won't be long before you get your own back.
  22. After being so used to Winmx, I tried one or two others but Shareaza is the one that I find gives good results, it has some nice features as well.
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