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  1. If I am writing an e-mail in which I want to include several links, what is the best way to do this? If I include a link which I got by going to a web page, -edit-copy- then paste it into the e-mail, there is no problem. However if I want to put in another link, obtained the same way into the same e-mail, when I do edit-paste all it does is paste the link of the first one I did. :D
  2. What is this software asking for itself to be run when trying to have a look at the chatroom?
  3. One of the things I would be looking for would be free software information. One type for pleasure such as Picasa and Konfabulator, and the other for the more serious things such as virus detection and malware. It would be helpful if any unusual tech terms in reviews could be underlined and clicked on by people like myself for a brief explaination. This would mean the more experienced user would only have to read the review, and people such as myself would have a better understanding of it. Perhaps a latest malware alert? I'm not too keen on the chat room, I'm not sure if the forum is the right place for it, there is enough here without it. ( Just my view!) I like the "front page " format, it works for me. These are just a few thoughts, I may add to them from time to time if that's okay.
  4. Hello Tarun, First let me complement you on the way this site is growing and developing. As I do not have any of the skills I think you are looking for, may I comment on what I, as a "computer user" as opposed to a computer tech, would like to have here. A balanced site. One where the techs could get good info and grow in knowledge and people like myself would still feel comfortable and trust in the recommendations that were made. I would like to think that advising people would give a certain amount of satisfaction to the team you manage to get together, after all what good is wisdom if you don't share it! All for now
  5. Went to have a look. PC World are also selling a Belkin at
  6. Have a bluetooth dongle for my mobile to put info off it onto computer. If I got a bluetooth keyboard would this also serve as a receiver for it? Or is it more complicated than that?
  7. Yes, I thought I'd come back to this friendly little site now it's back up and running. I know most of you, I think, and for those who don't know me I'm a postlady,I like reading (no preferences, if it has words I'll read it) good conversation, and collecting useless info. I mean how many other people do you know who know the collective noun for the 3 wise monkeys? Anyone have any idea what percentage of pc users are Aquarians like myself? :D
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