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  1. Haze

    Invisionfree/Zetaboards Hacked

    It didnt last that long, a few hours at most.
  2. By g00ns.net http://img181.imageshack.us/img181/3728/invisionfreecj1.jpg (Image contains language that may not be safe for children)
  3. Haze

    February 2008 Desktops

    My February Desktop.
  4. I'll change to Avast, I like it so far. I dont know about COMODO so far though, its just been p***ing me off so much with its stupid popups every 5 seconds asking me to allow or block things, It seems too overprotective, and always wants my confirmation even for the littlest things going on its starting to p*** me off. Surely a good firewall can determine the "majority" or permissions for programs instead of asking every 10 seconds.
  5. Sorry for bumping this thread, a little off topic. But how would you rate NOD 32 2.7 (I dont really like the new NOD) with COMODO firewall? Is Avast better, in your opinion?
  6. Haze

    Whats NOD32 like?

    I love NOD32. Much better than avast, avast lagged my computer and interrupted with my firewall :\
  7. Haze

    Firefox 2.0

    Okay, done both. Still un successful.
  8. Haze

    Firefox 2.0

    Ive clean installed a few times.. But I created a profile myself. Are you suppose to let it create one?
  9. Haze

    Firefox 2.0

    I just dont know.. The tabs first of all dont load.. Then you cannot close them.. Theres many other things wrong with it aswell, its annoying.
  10. Haze

    Firefox 2.0

    Yes I just tried it then.. Still didnt make any difference.
  11. Haze

    Firefox 2.0

    It doesnt let me click the import button, there's no reaction when I press import, add folder, add bookmark or anything. Im using 1.5 now.
  12. Haze

    Firefox 2.0

    Not sure? Oh well, i'll just stay with 1.5 for now.
  13. Haze

    Firefox 2.0

    Is that really necessary just to make firefox work? edit: I decided to go back to
  14. Haze

    Firefox 2.0

    Not sure when its supposed to be released? Has it released yet? I d/l it and I cant import any bookmarks at all. The tabs that I open: 1. dont load 2. you cannot close grr
  15. Nice new quickly reply box here tarun xd Im using this openDNS thing now. Seems good so far