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  1. Nope nothing checked in the settings except "check for updates" Loaded the new version. Now I get some additional text in that error box. "An error occurred parsing the XML:" next line " Configuration system failed to initialize" settings.xml exists in the toolkit folder with the text below. Hmm do you think something is blocking the XML code from executing? When I double click on it, IE is gives one of those gold bars about "it's restricting this file from showing active content". I'm using IE 6 BTW. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <settings> <Program> <UseCategories>False</UseCategories> <SaveDownPath>False</SaveDownPath> <DownloadPath> </DownloadPath> <OpenDownFolder>False</OpenDownFolder> <AutoUpdate>True</AutoUpdate> </Program> <Proxy> <UseProxy>False</UseProxy> <ProxyAddress> </ProxyAddress> <ProxyPort> </ProxyPort> <ProxyAuth>False</ProxyAuth> <ProxyUsername> </ProxyUsername> <ProxyPassword> </ProxyPassword> </Proxy> </settings>
  2. I'm using zonealarm and the toolkit is allowed to access to the "trusted" and "internet" zones. I'm a fairly competent user so disabling a firewall is not a problem. This is a home PC, and there's no proxy defined in IE, not that I use it. Unfortunately I've been a bit busy lately and haven't had a chance to mess with .net.
  3. Turned FW off, no luck. No go on F5 either, same box pops up. I'm going to try a re-install of .net and see what happens. Thanks for the help, I'll let ya know what happens.
  4. Attached are the screens I get....
  5. Details hmm...there's not too many really. Double click Icon, Box pops up with the error text, a red circle with a white X in it, and OK button, and the window title is "Anti-Malware Toolkit". I press OK and the toolkit starts, but the drop down and all the boxes are blank except for "Download Path" . As for .net, 1.1, 2.0 SP2, 3.0 SP2 and 3.5 SP1
  6. When I start the Anti-Malware Toolkit I get the error: "Configuration system failed to initialize" Then the program will start, but there's no info in the packages area.... I was running an older version, so I updated to the newest, same thing.
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