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  1. If admin could, would be much appreciated. From: gUiTaR_mIkE To: 0_0 Done.
  2. Good Point! None of this matters if the server is exploitable and/or the people hosting the information (data) don't protect it either. Regardless, we should do everything we can at our end, a secure password/passphrase is a start :)
  3. There's this blast from the past. Take a look @ The Macintosh Era (1991-1995), talk about wayback machine. OT: Sorry, this reminded me of something - my first computer and the software I still have on 5.25 floppy, probably unreadable - anyone need SuperCalc or WordStar? Don't scoff, some pretty famous people used Kaypro back in the day, Arthur C. Clarke, David Addison, Peggy Hill, Marge Simpson, Charlotte Simmons... :)
  4. Thunderbird 9.0.1 Thunderbird is a fast, flexible e-mail client. You can quickly search through your e-mails, worry less about spam thanks to the spam filters, and even customize how you view Thunderbird. Thunderbird works with most Firefox add-ons as well, adding more content to your e-mail client. Thunderbird makes the e-mail experience fun again. See the Thunderbird Features page for more details. win32/en-US/Thunderbird 9.0.1 -:- MD5: 8f0e5ab2925ac03352efd96528b05af0 win32/en-GB/Thunderbird 9.0.1 -:- MD5: 80ec18fcad0fe38fbaa4d769366d905e All Builds 9.0.1 Release Notes Thunderbird Homepage
  5. Malwarebytes v1.60.0.1800 Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is a full-blown anti-malware program that has recently left the labs and can be considered the next step in the detection and removal of malware. Malwarebytes Team put together a host of new technologies that were specially designed to quickly detect, deter and destroy any malware that could reside in your computer. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware monitors every process and actually stops malicious processes before they even start. It uses an impressive technology that is in fact a completely novel way of heuristic scanning and it is the teams response to the increasingly complex malware threats. And, as they did with Malwarebytes' RogueRemover we also have added a threats center. You can simply check online which pests are removed the most and thus are the most prevalent.
  6. I'm on XP as well. IrfanView is what I use which is why I started the thread I've used all on XP at one time or another. You don't mention why IrfanView doesn't meet your needs so I will only make general observations about the listed applications. * I might put FastStone Image Viewer, Photoscape, & XnView in the same category as IrfanView - viewer & editor. * Imagine, NexusImage, & Universal Viewer are good image collection viewers or browsers. * Fullscreen Photo Viewer & JPEGView are viewers designed with high-quality, high-resolution digital images in mind. Most of the listed applications have a zip version - FastStone Image Viewer, Fullscreen Photo Viewer, Imagine, JPEGView, NexusImage, Universal Viewer, XnView - the rest is up to you, try then decide I'm sure there are 600 more applications that could be listed too, I'll leave that list to someone else.
  7. Chances are it's not, or at least could be stronger, more secure. Now that you've created a password nearly impossible to break (and remember), thought about storage, encryption - a passphrase? A topic of this nature can be boring so I'll get to the point - if you need help with creating stronger passwords, or maybe you've considered a passphrase but didn't have the energy to think up anything too clever, here's 2 free tools that may be useful in the creation and storage of passwords & passphrases. PWGen for Windows KeyPass Password Safe Note: A password for a bank or school is more important than IMDB in most cases. Strike a balance between too few and too many characters, or excessive use of strange characters. Know what & how many characters are allowed in a password or passphrase for each site. Change your passwords or passphrases periodically.
  8. ... in no particular order, and there are others with more or less features, editors, viewers, depending on the need. FastStone Image Viewer Fullscreen Photo Viewer Imagine JPEGView NexusImage Photoscape Universal Viewer XnView Also, you have the basic editor like LightBox, a bit more, maybe Paint.Net, and the big kahuna - GIMP.
  9. 0_0

    JavaRa Info

    I've stopped @ JRE v6u30. Unless something complains I'll stay put with this version and eventually remove it completely, and I wont reinstall Java when I reinstall my OS, that's my plan now anyway OTH, I found this an interesting read assuming the figures are accurate. Google recommends Java, Python, and Go as development tools, I didn't read very far but it may be mostly for mobile apps - not sure...?
  10. There's been some progress with JavaRa recently... ... I'm not sure if 1x has been updated or simply put in a new archive but JavaRa-1.16-16-12-11.zip can be found @ JavaRa Downloads. ... More importantly, it looks like there's a JavaRa v2.0 alpha available for testing. Don't use this version for anything but testing, and I'm sure the devs would appreciate feedback.
  11. I wonder if Mozilla will update 9 a few more times before they jump to 10. If I remember correctly 5 - 8 got 1, maybe 2 updates, then they moved on to the next major release! We're already @ 9.0.1...? I hope the addon//extension devs can keep up.
  12. I was in Tampa. Btw, you should put a little more time in between your posts, I can't keep track Talk to you again in December 2012, until then...
  13. It's amazing how much can transpire in 10 months, make that 4-7 & 8 and 9... throw in 10.0 Beta 1 :)
  14. ...and the list a bit loooong based on the complete list of changes fixed by the new version. I admit I don't know how to interpret the list, it's long, maybe some of the items are from a todo list. Santa has fewer chimneys to slide down than there are bug IDs.
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