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  1. since Cybrax hasn't posted back on here i'll direct him to this thread next time i see him. it's an IRC client for the Mangos WoW emulator. from my understanding it lets you do pretty much any GM(game master) commands from IRC instead of starting the game, doing an action, and logging out. looking over the source kinda makes me want to start working on my c++ irc client cybrax was helping me with lol. But to busy with C#. Yeah thats pretty much it http://code.google.com/p/mangchat/wiki/MangChat Initially i wrote the thing 3 times from scratch to learn sockets and how i could make IRC chat goto WoW Channels and vice versa Because people claimed that couldnt be done, and ey dont tell me a program cant be done! And i wanted to learn how this MMO project worked so this came later with ehancements for gm commmands fun stuff now its living its own life people have there own versions i havnt worked on it for ages tho if you wish to use it id recommend getting mangos and theres many updates versions on google
  2. sup sup Cybrax Cyberspace http://code.google.com/p/mangchat/ http://www.youtube.com/cybraxcyberspace http://www.cybrax.com/ Cybrax@cybrax.com Greetings from Holland
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