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  1. Tarun may give a better evaluation than me (at a later time) but Malwarebytes has just released a new Beta version for testing by some members - It claims to be a 'smaller' program but it's new version detects infections 'easier' - This is due to a better 'fingerprint identification' system - I await Taruns views on the new MBAM program when it is pubicly released -
  2. I hope you got the email I sent for your bithhday (many well wishes from us all) :P
  3. Thanks BKR - I hope to chat when Aus Vs India (cricket) :P
  4. Thank you for your work that most people do not see - When installing the AMT 1 is it required to uninstall MBAM first or will it be 'over installed' by the Tool Kit - :D
  5. No chance! I'd never do a thing like that Anyway, we won. And the BBC has nearly worn out its replay loop of Freddy getting Ricky out. In my intro I recall something like "I may need to congratulate you" - After day one I was waiting for this - Well done (even though Freddy is on crutches for a month or two) - All we got was replays of Punter getting hit by that drive - Sorry to the others, but that is all for now on the Ashes - Only a few understood - :D
  6. Thanks for that - I was not sure if the new version was yet anywhere up - You may not always refer back to items, so I was looking around and just wondering - (Go to sleep) Catch you later - ;)
  7. I was refering to the screen shots on this forum (in your review) - They are now outdated since the latest C Cleaner update - Are these placed here by C Cleaner (or they just a standard set of shots) - I am not sure if you upload these shots (I'm sure you updated to the new version) or are they direct from Piriform at your request -
  8. You find most free / vrey cheap offers like this go in one or two days - Pity I'm in Aust - They usually don't send these offers out to us - Local U.S.A. only most times -
  9. I noticed I have been given a '1' in my reputation profile - Thank you to the moderators who nominated this point - It means a lot to someone who has not been here for so long - If we had won the cricket 'James A' may have voted it down (Ha Ha ) - Well done - I know the others will be bored but it means a lot to Aust Vs Eng - ;)
  10. I found a very good link to "7" and it showed all I really wanted, with many screen shots etc. - I forgot to ask permission to bring it here but it was on the MBAM forum - The link was also offering a few "trial" versions to D/load ?? - Not sure about that -
  11. Can a quick link be posted (for us dummies) to Windows 7 please - Also if you are not fully happy with the move to "7" can it be reversed or will it run along side XP - As I am just a 'mid level' user of these things I have not been sure if I should upgrade or stay with XP for now - Since BKR 111 (a great fan of all things Windows) is only just thinking of upgrading now does this mean there may be problems still for average users who are "fixed" on XP - Or is it like going fully up to Vista (I don't want that) - I am refering to any type of 'preview' in the top line - Not full D/load / purchase -
  12. Actually it was in one 'WEEK' - (Sorry to spoil the fun) - But it was a strong effort - Add to this and you can have 101 - OK - I'm just upset because I heard the Ashes cricket scores - ;)
  13. As an extra I am not a Buddy ; HeyDude - I find them suitable for teenagers - But some of us are a bit past that - I don't mind being a 'Mate' (Aussie term for friend) - But the others are more fot texting on phones I think -
  14. I think that is why you have 0 reputation points - (like me) We should refer to things as they are usually - Many posts say they have a 'virus' or 'trojan' when it is an 'infection' - I think that is a much better term - It is also more realistic as some 'bugs' do not fit either description - Some 'rogues' are neither but can be put in more as scam type infections - ;)
  15. It looks like a good show : except they give PC Tools Spyware Doctor away - It took you guys a week to help me get rid of it - Congrats for making it internationally - ;)
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