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  1. I would like to add the forums for Programming Languages,Unattended discussion,entertainment
  2. No one thinks here... because all are showing passion in the lunarsoft...
  3. sorry! it's my mistake i've misspelled it!
  4. What we've to say about it! it's nothing but it performs well! thats all i like the Kaspersky antivirus because of getting Better Performence , Good Security , Nice deal with Kaspersky ,and so on
  5. What is meant by reputation? Reputation appers on left bottom ofour profile? what is it mean? don't say reputation definition i know what is reputation I'm asking why we got the Reputation here! I got 0 Reputation Administrator got 3 Reputation !
  6. We are intresting to get out this Card? Wow! is it really free
  7. Its not a prob... we've to develop our forum this is our duty.. you can evalute your ideas here!
  8. Shall We Use Extra-Ordinary Words ? and short cuts in the posts Extra Ordinary:Wanna ,Gonna,Buddy,Dude etc... Shortcuts:u(you)d(the)
  9. I'm also Using Opera in My Desktop as comparing with Firefox mostl these is none of the differences... it is like Google Chrome
  10. BKR III

    new laptop

    Superb Config... I'm also have this Config but My model is Presario V3000
  11. I'm also intrested in Overlocking but now i'm not to overlock because it may causes the damages & some made explosion I got the New Specified Systems of HDD,RAM,BOARD,PROCESSOR if we goes along with new System we can not also get much speed from there.... Publish your research in our foru to get your sound advices How can we get out the picz here? But Intel is not only the Best! We can also try the AMD,and more I Prefer AMD Strongly
  12. Really Nice Subjects. How did You get these type of NEWS's?
  13. How was the Lunarsoft Anti-Malware Toolkit created? is it created by tarun or our other members
  14. BKR III

    new camcorder

    So nice... Congrats Enjoy....
  15. A good place to start would be a forum that deals with your motherboard otherwise you will get general tips that may or may not be of help and could damage your system. Also, any forum with the words "overclock" in the title may be a good start - here's a few (I'm not endorsing anyone), just examples. ...OverClockersClub ...OverClocker Cafe My thoughts are if you need more speed then upgrade - safer, cooler, and usually cheaper in the long run. Got It! hahaha
  16. Changed! You are approaching better...gUiTer mikE but Eldmannen is not...
  17. There's no need for that kind of behavior. Yes! I think you'r right! There's no need for that kind of behavior. Yeah, I shouldn't... But its 89 contextless posts of no meaning. Makes it kinda hard to resist. Don't say like these You can't understand my hard words hahaha I know it it's a brand of Sony!
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