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  1. Yes! This is my main Work I turn on my computer to do this.... My main aim is to get the Contributor post.....
  2. Wonderful... we have to develop to see it a lot
  3. I've posted a 100 posts in one week i try to get 1000
  4. IE 8 is not toooooo bad.... we can go through the other browsers to perform better
  5. I'm saying tooo what is the difference between Social Networking and Communicator?
  6. Then what you've to said me? is i'm a bad writer? whats going on u'r mind....? i'm sure these are not by me.... these are did by my bro... ok.
  7. Ok no problem! thanks i got it.... how did u got lll in roman letters in keyboard?
  8. Promotions are not likely given on post count alone. I would recommend being patient, offering input that is more in line with a tech forum (quality over quantity) - rather than a chat room and see what happens. You are young, you have time, and be careful what you wish for - it can be a thankless job. Ok we can do that!
  9. Where can we get it? I like your opinion! because i'm fan of kaspersky but Dr.Web is not a bad program (we should not through it away) it have a specilized feature! do you know it?
  10. Welcome You to Lunarsoft! But you've not posted yet!
  11. nLite lets you choose which components to remove from Windows 2000, XP or 2003 before installation. By removing unneeded components you gain on your system speed and security. It supports removal of almost any component and few services. You can make a bootable ISO and easily slipstream Service packs with a click of a button. Use the easy cd-key implementation so you don't need to enter it during setup. Reviewing (Oct 16, 2008) nlite is one of the most useful free software tools available. Just like with any new software, you must take the time to read how to use it; otherwise, you may end up with a bunch of coasters before you get a good image. It is very easy to use as long as you're not trigger happy with the mouse. This software does work best with volume licensed media. Another great program for downloading Microsoft standalone updates is called Windows Download Updater. A cool thing about nlite is that, while it does not allow you to slipstream hardly any Microsoft programs (only a couple), you can sneak sysinternals suite into the "image" using nlite. These tools are the best out there and worth downloading if anyone is unfamiliar with them. freeware. One last thing. It does not matter how intelligent a person is, there is always a learning curve with anything new. The arrogance that is typical of most IT people is present because of their inferiority complex. Let's not stereotype ourselves to the outside world. If someone has a question about something they don't understand, help them out. Isn't that what we are on this page for?
  12. How did you requested him! where did u requested him?
  13. Then say me the correct words if you know?
  14. Who are the Hardware Experts here! How can we find them?
  15. Can i got it on the left bottom on my profile! when can i got the reply from u(Tarun)
  16. How Much do you use Lunarsoft? I'm using 98%
  17. I don't know about a promotion to the editorial team but you deserve something for the most posts in a 24 hour period...? I cant understand u'r words....
  18. It's Fine! Shall i join on u at this thread....
  19. Is the Thread Over....
  20. I like to get promotion from Lunarsoft? What Can i Get ? When Can i get? How Can i get the promotion? i like the promotion like Moderators,Global Moderators,COntributor,Technician I'm Expecting Contributor... I Like the Contributor Post!
  21. Refer all other Developed Forum like neowin.net,msfn.org,etc...to develop Lunarsoft More!
  22. I've already seen the forum Rules... Rules are Strong! But there is no place to Post ! We need the forums for Milestones,Programming Languages,etc....
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