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  1. [you], please note, lokoike's sig is not directly aimed at you.

    It nearly caught me out.



    lokoike aims all his evilness at me. He seems to think I deserve it or something.

    Hufu is an interesting thing. I try to decide if it's real or not and then my brain begins to hurt.

    Some things shouldn't be thought about I guess...

  2. No you didn't. That just means that IF you make any pointless or... on going  threads that have been discussed before the surely members or enev the Admin. will give you a warning. Based on the % you can be banned!


    Thanks New_Age. Is it like probation? I haven't noticed anyone else that has one. Maybe it will disappear after a certain number of posts.

  3. I read once that security firms will often notify vendors of flaws or vulnerabilities in their software privately and only announce them on the Internet if they feel that the vendor is not responding to their warnings. So possibly Symantec was warned of the issue some time ago.

  4. So far I really like it. I noticed there is no version or build difference noted in "About Opera" though. They're both listed as 9.00 Beta Build 8414.

    I like the Widgets feature and it seems to load pages very quickly.

    My only small gripes are it doesn't support Rich Text Editing in forums and I can't figure out how to load Bookmarks from an HTML file.

    I just need to remember to stop automatically using Firefox and give Opera an extended tryout...

    EDIT: I just noticed that when using the Analog Clock Widget CPU Usage pegs at 100% compared to 20% to 25% when I close it but I didn't notice any effect on performance...

  5. you have to change the theme to change the taskbar to black. alternatively, you could probably hack the theme file but that might be a little advanced.


    Thanks Mangix! I found a theme with a black Taskbar and it's just what I wanted. I also finally noticed Transbar has an option to "Launch Transbar when Windows starts" which so far has been working well.


    Themes is messed up on my PC [WindowsXP SP2] but I finally got it to work by doubleclicking the "VistaCG.msstyles" icon in the Themes folder. Is this normal? The VistaCG theme wouldn't show up in any of the Display, Desktop, or Appearance options. This is a pic of my Display options box. Notice the two Themes tabs the second one which has Win98 themes that don't work with XP, lol.


    Thanks again, u da man! punk.gif

  6. This is mine, with 2 different color schemes. I thought a found a cool program that allows you to change the transparency of the Taskbar but you have to reset it every time the PC restarts. Does anyone know how to change the Taskbar to a black background without installing a new theme?



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