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  1. UBCD 4 Windows is one of my staple CDs (as well as UBCD, ERD Commander, Knoppix, and others). There are two advantages to pulling the hard drives and scanning on one of our lab machines (we have 6 dedicated for this): 1. Scanning speed --> Some computers are VERY slow, so updating and scanning locally can take considerably longer. 2. Time --> We can pull hard drives out of computers waiting in line to be worked on and scan in advance. I do appreciate the suggestion though. It is one that we have definitely considered. I thank you for your response greenknight, but I a
  2. Hey guys!! I have been a long time visitor to these forums, but just recently became a member. I manage a computer repair store, and I handle the majority of the repair as well. We get many computers in for repair (average 10 computers a day), and most of that is spyware related. We have changed our methods quite a few times over the last few years, and have done a decent job of cleaning out the infection in a timely matter. Currently, it takes roughly 1.5-2 days to repair a virus/spyware infection. However, with the changes in the malware infections becoming more and more complex, I wond
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