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  1. I ran a couple of reg cleaners and was able to run Hijackthis under a different name, However, It did not save the output file. Also I tried to redownload Hijackthis using the Anti-Malware_toolkit but it hangs up when it gets to download the Hijackthis program.
  2. I tried this and results are the same error message as previously noted.
  3. In attempting to track a windows update problem I have encountered additional problems. After downloading and installing the Anti-Malware_toolkit recommended programs, Some will not run to completion (SpybotS&D, Hijackthis among others) Retry by clicking on icon results in the following error: "Windows can not access specified device. You may not have appropriate permissions to access this item" I ran the PC-Cleanup to the letter but no good results. I have run Dial-A_ Fix numerous times. Any suggestions?
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