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  1. ramblinrose

    Hello everyone!

    :P Thank you! hugs, Rose
  2. ramblinrose

    Hello everyone!

    Thank you everyone! Where can I find to put my age in there on the left side? hugs, Rose
  3. ramblinrose

    CCleaner v1.28 - Released

    I must have "basic ccleaner" then....well it's ok I will keep this since I am used to it now. Thank you for infor Mr T and greenknight hugs, Rose
  4. ramblinrose

    CCleaner v1.28 - Released

    Hmmmm I used ccleaner too and I thought it did a good job without yahoo toolbar. So what do you use besides ccleaner? I wouldn't know who to get and I need something easy to use for inexperience user like me. hugs, Rose
  5. ramblinrose

    Hello everyone!

    Thank you all for very warm welcomes!! I'm glad you remember me, Tarun and yes I believe it was optic-hosts.com. I found you from ccleaner forum when I went there for something. I remember capman... Well, I have much to learn and hope to learn all I can from experts here...and have fun, of course. Take care everyone! hugs, Rose
  6. ramblinrose

    Hello everyone!

    :P Hi! I found my way here again somehow I have to re-register for some reason. Tarun, remember me? I am glad to be here....hugs, Rose