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    Thanks Eldmannen, I'll bare that in mind. I should mention however that I have no intention of using the database on a website but just within Access via a form or something.
  2. Hey, I need to create a database for an organisation I'm with. It is for storing all data regarding uniforms. We keep all of the uniforms in a room called 'Stores' and uniform gets loaned out to people and then returned when they're finished with it. So I'm sure from that description you can understand how the database would be used. Basically, some sort of interface needs to be created where the database user can search for a certain person (to see what uniform they have), a uniform size or a particular type of uniform or a combination of any of these. If anybody is experienced in creating databases (using Microsoft Access 2007) then I'd appreciate any advice on the best way to create this database. Thanks
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