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  1. I am tired of having to run programs at less than max settings so.... Well, basicall I am putting new organs into my PC shell, absolutely everything is being maxed. I have a monitor, sound system and tower which i wanna keep, also all the periferals etc are ok. Below is basically what i was thinking of getting. With your help i would like to find out whether all this is compatible, and if there is anything better i can use instead. Cost does not matter at all. Also if i have missed anything then please say. First thing to point out would be, I have no RAM and i found it hard to find
  2. I have to say that they are officially the BEST band in the history of.... erm... all the bands i have heard. So only a slightly biased view then. Well i was wondering if anyone else has heard them, they have been around for quite a while (1985 i think and are still releasing albums now). They are however not very well known. You can download their music here: Very cheap and legal (you can download any all music here) I find that it is the best place for downloads, and it lets you preview all songs before you downlaod them, Average price for an album is $1. -THE M-
  3. Cool, Thankyou I just reduced my active process from 56 to 47 , however looking through them i seem to have about 5 different versions of svchost.exe is this normal??
  4. So, with this information, I should rescan and remove all the ones you have listed? Thankyou for Helping :P
  5. Just saying hi to everyone here, I saw your bundle of downloadables on the GuildWarsGuru site and thought i'd clean up my system, Thanks alot Tarun -THE M-
  6. Hi, all I am new here so am not quite sure how this works, but i followed a guide and it said i shuld post my lodfile here and someone would reply and tell me if there is anything i could do to speed up my system. So thankyou for the help. -THE M-
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