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  1. I am tired of having to run programs at less than max settings so.... Well, basicall I am putting new organs into my PC shell, absolutely everything is being maxed. I have a monitor, sound system and tower which i wanna keep, also all the periferals etc are ok. Below is basically what i was thinking of getting. With your help i would like to find out whether all this is compatible, and if there is anything better i can use instead. Cost does not matter at all. Also if i have missed anything then please say. First thing to point out would be, I have no RAM and i found it hard to find the best stuff online as lots of different websites gave different results. So could someone please link me to the best possible and largest RAM sticks that would work please. Thanks. DFI Lanparty UT CFX3200-DR 512MB Sapphire TOXIC X1900XTX Freecom FX-50 16x Ext DVD+/- RW x2 Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro 1100W Tagan TG1100-U95 Turbojet NEWlink PCI USB2.0 4-Port Card AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ Waterchill 03-L-1317 Xtreme Kit All info is from www.cllonline.com although if you direct me to something it does not have to be from there. Once again, if you know of or can find anything with better specs than what i have, please say so, Thanks. -THE M-
  2. I have to say that they are officially the BEST band in the history of.... erm... all the bands i have heard. So only a slightly biased view then. Well i was wondering if anyone else has heard them, they have been around for quite a while (1985 i think and are still releasing albums now). They are however not very well known. You can download their music here: Very cheap and legal (you can download any all music here) I find that it is the best place for downloads, and it lets you preview all songs before you downlaod them, Average price for an album is $1. -THE M-
  3. Cool, Thankyou I just reduced my active process from 56 to 47 , however looking through them i seem to have about 5 different versions of svchost.exe is this normal??
  4. So, with this information, I should rescan and remove all the ones you have listed? Thankyou for Helping :P
  5. Just saying hi to everyone here, I saw your bundle of downloadables on the GuildWarsGuru site and thought i'd clean up my system, Thanks alot Tarun -THE M-
  6. Hi, all I am new here so am not quite sure how this works, but i followed a guide and it said i shuld post my lodfile here and someone would reply and tell me if there is anything i could do to speed up my system. So thankyou for the help. -THE M-
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