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    Depression always will happen through life no matter who you are
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    Computers, Music, Movies, Walking around, Going out with friends, spending time with my GF, Hiking, Swimming, Etc.
  1. New_Age

    Windows 7 RC1

    i just now reinstalled Windows 7. i will do some more stuff on it. i will report back. Windows 7 is fast at shutting down though as many have said.
  2. New_Age

    Windows 7 RC1

    i have Tarun. sorry i haven't been on man. eh... i liked it and didn't like it. just seemed like i was on Vista but a more improved version. it ran very well and i played a little of FEAR 2 and the performance was the same to me. i saw no real improvement but though Windows 7 is still in it's testing stage. i do like the new Thumbnail Feature. it's really useful. they made a few option changes to Control Panel to make it a lot easier to get to and to maintain. overall i guess you can say i was happy with it.
  3. v2.0.157.2 is released to resolve some bug crashes. Google Chrome should update itself shortly. Link List of all the past Version Change logs Link
  4. Google seems promising eh? i still can't get it to work. Edit: it installed!
  5. yeah, guess that's true. it's a nice case though.
  6. eh, yeah well the GPU is quite old. was my brothers and he doesn't care about how clean or how dirty his Computer is. yeah, also i need to clean the fans out. need to buy a can of air. my room has wood floors and dust collects pretty well.
  7. i can't install it? i uninstalled v1.0.154.43 and when i tried to install the Beta from Betanews.com it just stalls and seems to stop loading.
  8. yeah, wait for the Final or until the Ccleaner Team adds it.
  9. eh, decided to go with my old account. this Forum has been slow but still users come here now and then since my last visit i have upgraded my rig now just need a new GPU, PSU, and HDD then i'm set!
  10. New_Age

    ie7pro 0.9.14

    I use it and it's great. The Ad-Blocker would be better though. I mean it removes the Ad's but... the outer box of where the Ads is kept is still there. All the other added features are awesome!
  11. Welcome to Lunarsoft.net! Glad to have you :hello:
  12. I've heard a lot of good things about ClamWin. Though I don't use it. What's all the complaints about Avast! with the skins and adding such stupid opinions to not using it? I swear the Ccleaner forums always complains about how the skins are useless and not having the (Scheduling feature) there. He says AVG is faster at scanning and is less on memory usage. That may be true but Avast! has Real-Time-Protection. Surely yes some of the Shields are somewhat useless but they're there just in case. I have used AVG in the past and I couldn't get it to update a lot. Kept getting errors. That was when I didn't know about Avast!. Anyhow, I may give ClamWin a go.
  13. ZoneAlarm is a POS! I don't use any Firewall Software Expect Windows Built-in one.
  14. Thx, guys. I had fun. I went to the Movies and saw "The Number 23". Jim Carrey played a great role and me&my GF thought it was a good Movie regardless of the reviews I've seen and rumors I've heard. My brother and everyone else went bowling and I was 2nd. I'm not that good but I try. I would party like a 20yr old should... do but I'm not like that. I don't drink nor... do I do any type of drug like Weed or smoke. It's a waste of money. Thx guys and god bless.
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