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  1. eh, yeah well the GPU is quite old. was my brothers and he doesn't care about how clean or how dirty his Computer is. yeah, also i need to clean the fans out. need to buy a can of air. my room has wood floors and dust collects pretty well.

  2. I use it and it's great. The Ad-Blocker would be better though. I mean it removes the Ad's but... the outer box of where the Ads is kept is still there. All the other added features are awesome!

  3. I've heard a lot of good things about ClamWin. Though I don't use it. What's all the complaints about Avast! with the skins and adding such stupid opinions to not using it? I swear the Ccleaner forums always complains about how the skins are useless and not having the (Scheduling feature) there. He says AVG is faster at scanning and is less on memory usage. That may be true but Avast! has Real-Time-Protection. Surely yes some of the Shields are somewhat useless but they're there just in case. I have used AVG in the past and I couldn't get it to update a lot. Kept getting errors. That was when I didn't know about Avast!. Anyhow, I may give ClamWin a go.

  4. Thx, guys. I had fun. I went to the Movies and saw "The Number 23". Jim Carrey played a great role and me&my GF thought it was a good Movie regardless of the reviews I've seen and rumors I've heard. My brother and everyone else went bowling and I was 2nd. I'm not that good but I try. I would party like a 20yr old should... do but I'm not like that. I don't drink nor... do I do any type of drug like Weed or smoke. It's a waste of money. Thx guys and god bless.

  5. For the case I don't want to make the same mistake here. My lst case which I'm using now the Dimensions were wrong so my PCI parts wouldn't fit tight and that included my AGP Graphics card. Hopefully this won't hasppen again. The company "APEX" is who I bought the case from. I thought they were good but now being that I've had the darn case for about a year IT SUCKS!!!

    I'm just going to get the first case I posted cause it seems good. I've got a friend whos giving me a A Socket AMD Athlon Xp 2800+

  6. Hi,

    Awhile back "A month ago" I tried to run my CPU without any Thermal Paste and that was a mistake. Took it to a computer store near our area and they fixed it. Well, partly. Seems that the BIOS can't detect my CPU temp. Anymore which is hightly understandable. It has been said that sometimes BIOS doesn't always help as it can display wrong Temps.

    The guys at the store said when I tried to power my PC on it slightly damaged a few pins on the CPU. I was lucky they said. I've learned from my mistake.

    My B-Day is coming up on Saturday "I'll be 20" and I wanted to know how to apply Thermal paste on an A Socket AMD Athlon Xp CPU. I've google and I've read only to apply a small amount. Are you suspose to apply it all around the CPU top surface or... what. I didn't quite get that part in my search. I've also read adding too much can cause overheating or something similar. Either way though I'd just like to know how. Not that I'm applying it. I have a friend whos doing it as I've never done it before. I'm getting a new CPU anyways and it'll be a AMD Athlon Xp 2400+ or 3000+. Also getting a 2.1 sound system, new case, new sound card.

  7. Is it? Outpost Pro has it included, but as I've switched to Comodo, I no longer have it. And what should I get? I was thinking Arovax, its pretty popular, but I'm not sure; http://www.arovaxshield.com/

    Also, what is their anti-spyware like?

    I personally don't use real time anti-spyware protection.

    It will also be a long time before I take a chance with Arovax again.

    See here.

    I see. Arovax was good when I had it though, and the latest version is meant to be very safe.

    @greenknight I forgot about them. Thanks.

    I'm not sure all in all. I mean in the Anti-Malware packages there are no real-time anti-spyware packages, so I'm really not sure.

    Ultimate Predator, it's really not recommended at all to have real-time protection. As long as you stay away from certain sites and that you don't open-up any Mail that you don't know who it's from you'll be fine.
  8. lol, thx. I feel special :happybday:

    I'm probably going to try to use this... Vista Icon package that I once used before. First time I chose some options that I should NOT have done. It messed with the boot Logo and it was ugly! I uninstall it and the boot logo was still there and never changed back. Thxfully I made a system restore lol.

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