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  1. As (Dr. Evil would say) Right..... I bet it did take a lot of learning to come this far in knowing how to fix this and that :love:
  2. How is it that Tarun has all the fun? Hes 27 and has a site like this. Lucky you... GO Tarun P.S. - Nice fixes and updates on the site :love:
  3. Wow your young and you ahve a Website posted up liek this. I feel bad now. It should be me lol.

  4. LMAO! that was great. Needed a good laugh :P
  5. Just reinstalled and tested out the FINAL. It was slow and using up too... many resourses (64,000K). The CPU usage was amazing... 100% for over 5min. and possibly could of kept goin for hours. Microsoft should really have waited alot longer and should have MADE SURE the release of IE7 was alteast near perfect (Bah... nothin is perfect so I meant 93% ).
  6. Actually when I had my chance of testing, it was SLOW! Closing or even creating a new tab had major problems. It was slow. Almost as if they added that crappy MSN toolbar and just... tweaked it alittle. I hate IE7. The Idea for now of upgrading is rather pointless it seems. Why upgrade when you can just use... Maxthon or Avant? Both have (Best of rating) Ad and Pop-Up blockers Which by the way IE still (after the upgrade) doesn't support Ad-Blockers or... even an Improved Pop-up Blocker :D
  7. Well... that's what happens on new releases from Microsoft I don't plan EVER on using IE7 until I've heard it's good and working.
  8. So your saying you have no Internet access unless you open up IE7 the first time then you have to close it then re-open it and then you have Internet?
  9. I surely will but it's hard when you don't have anyone around to take the picture I'll see what I can. I have a Digital HP-E317 5.0 Mega Pixels Camera. It's nice and works well for my beautiful photos.
  10. Would anybody like to rate some of my pic.'s I've taken so far? *Quate so I can know whitch one's you have rated :D
  11. No, but I know I should tell her. I'll tell her tomorrow :D
  12. Ha, shows how bad Microsoft really... is in releasing thier updated software. They should be more careful and take their sweet time :D
  13. New Version was released today Latest Changes: Added cleaning for: - Visio 2003 - AVG Anti-Spyware - CuteFTP 8.0 Pro/Home and 7.0 Home - Windows Live Toolbar - CA Anti-Virus Updated cleaning for: - Outlook 2003 - TextPad 4 - Quicktime Player Improved error handling when opening RegEdit Fixed issue with Opera 9 classic installer Updated installer routines Issue scanner accuracy improvements Updated Arabic, Serbian (Latin and Cyrillic), German and French translations Minor optimizations and tweaks Fixed some foreign language issues
  14. I may have over looked my case. I'll see what I can find later on tomorrow. My date with my GF is this weekend so... yeah :D
  15. Wow, who would of thought Microsoft would do such a thing. Heh, i'll just wait like everyone else :D
  16. Another two geart pic.'s Comment if ya want... Age to me doesn't mater in this world (Only a 4 years difference anyways. I'm 19 and she's 15). As long as she loves me back deeply within her heart I'm happy. Saturday will be our one year being together so congratz us will ya Going to the movies that night (YAY!).
  17. I already gave out a link to my current case Tarun (See first post) See the last review and the guy was right! (Unable to mount PCI cards in case b/c case's dimensions were not correct) New case I'm buying Current Motherboard - KM4M-V
  18. It can't be done :( The way my case is designed theres no way unless I drill the right size holes for the screws. The hard drive did go in but their is just alittle space between to screw and the drive.
  19. I'll try that sometime thx.
  20. I believe somethime at the end of this month or in mid. Nov.
  21. As I stated I DID switch out the power connectors but any Ideas on what can be causing the power to just shut off like that?
  22. Hi, I have two Hard Drives. HDD 74.5GB HDD 28.6GB And I've been having them both shut off at random times. Either when listening to music or surfing the web. I've done a Disk check with the Software for both HDD with their programs as provided from the company. I don't know if it's the PS which is 300WATTS. Heres the Case it self... Current Case And I've had it for about... 9 months now. I can only mount one HDD on that case and I have the 74.5GB in now which hasn't shut off. When it does my computer freezes and left me to restart. What I did to may of stopped the shut downs is I switched around some power connectors and it could be that some have gone bad but IDK really. Any help would be greatful. I paid good money for that HDD too Note: I have Windows Xp Professional Installed on BOTH Hard Drives and fully updated and same programs and all and yes... that's including Photos and music.
  23. Why do I get the feeling that Microsoft is not doing there jobs right anymore I mean I tested out IE7 (The last Beta) and didn't like it too much. I thought Maxthon's 2.0 Preview was better. And yes Maxthon (In my opioion) is better then FireFox ^_^
  24. Ehh... that Theme is alittle out of my taste. I like the whole Mac looks but I'm just using plain old Windows Xp Visuals (For now) :D
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