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  1. Thx! Wow, that came out quickly ^_^
  2. Thxs, members. I'll gladly help out with people's problems. Uhh... FireFox and Opera... Hmm... which is better? Heh, can't say as it's all based on members opinions. :P
  3. Hi, I'm apart of many forums related to Computer/software. From my knowledge and years of experience with computers and Software, people and friends and even my GF, like to know me as Mr. Know It All. I for one think that as well. Being that as a child I learned about computers by my grandfather. I now know a lot more then what he does. I may not know all the coding and number stuff but I sure know how to fix computers and related Software Issues. I may come across a problem that IDK how to fix, "That's why I turn here" I'm only 19yr old and live in Spring Lake, North Carolina. Currently in High school. Going into looking for a job in Computer repair or sales. Glad to be here :P
  4. Looks like you installed some kind of software for themes. That's why you've got a second tab. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yep...
  5. I ran into that myself. I don't use those features though. I just tested them out. Hopefully when the final release comes, things will be good. I'm really enjoying it. Opera is the only browser that I use other then IE. Imageshack does not seem to work with Opera. I wonder why...
  6. Boooo... to you FireFox still has RAM Issues
  7. Hi, You may download the Browser with the provided (If you want :eyeroll: ) Link: Download! Have any comments you'd like to make? Feel free and say anything you'd like or dislike about the Browser. Note: As all members know, These are Opinions! There's no reason to say that another member should go to this or... that. It's your choice to go towards which Browser. I perfer Opera for my own reasons.... 1. Loads Text, Images before viewing page 2. Nice pop-blocker but not the best... 3. Clear and smooth look 4. May have a CPU Issue but the're working on it 5. To me (#1 download manager) 6. Skins and nothing more... 7. Wand! to save passwords and account name quickly and safely
  8. Transbar is a CPU alert! I used it and it nearly froze my computer. I would use Glass2k or.. whatever it's called :wish:
  9. Link provided below Download!
  10. It's a known fact that IE-Tab for Firefox has a high memory usgae because it was poorly coded and leaks memory. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, when I first got into using IE-Tab everything seemed fine till I looked at the usage in Task manager. But I do have to admit. FireFox does bring up sites just abit more faster then IE. And te other thing I like about FireFox is that is has more options to tweak stuff.
  11. I use Maxthon. Has skins and plug-ins. But thsats not the reason I use it. I use it for it's low Memory Usage and it size of the App. Maxthon has one of the best Pop-Blockers I've used in any other browser. FireFox is on my system with a TON of Themes installed and plug-ins but Firefox has a CPU Usage Issue. When I want to view Mysapce in IE with the IE Tab plu-in the CPU usage is at 100%. So, My vote is Maxthon. Also, like to add that Maxthon is faster at starting up.
  12. I took some pictures of our pond out in the back. It's such sunny and pretty day out here in NC ^_^ lol, Saw that another thread was created when I posted that other shot. lol...
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